$1Million seen in 11 Ways

$1Million dollar seen in 11 Ways

Change your perception of this scary amount and maybe one day you will reach it.

Many people fantasize about the million-dollar mark and see it as the threshold to a new world, the world of the rich, the truly rich. Once you reach a million dollars, you have easier access to others, and so on until you become so rich that you buy a million-dollar car.

How Easy $1 Million Is

However, in an interconnected world with billions of customers that you can reach via the Internet, it is now easier than ever to reach that dream figure.

  1. A million dollars is nothing more than 2,000 sales of a $500 product. Nothing when you have several billion customers.
  2. Or 20,000 sales of a $50 course. 20,000 customers, out of 1 billion, is one person out of 50,000. 0.00002% of 1 billion. And still, there are more than 1 billion customers.
  3. 1000 sales of two weeks of video training at $1000. 1000 sales are not much, a lot of people are ready to pay this price for quality content. Example: “become a blockchain developer in 3 months and change your life”.
  4. 1,000,000 people who donate $1 to you. Harder but doable, you better have a good reason to ask for money.
  5. 10,000 people who pay $100 to be premium on your software or 10,000 players who take the most profitable premium package at $100.
  6. 1000 iPhone 14 Pro (26,090,000 were sold two months after its release).
  7. $28572 that you are betting on roulette. If you hit the right number, your bet will be multiplied by 35. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!
  8. If 1000 views is $1 on YouTube or TikTok, then 1 billion views. It may be a lot, but that’s 50 videos with 20 million views. A lot of idiots have done it. Click here to learn how to make money on Youtube.
  9. 5 books at $40 each bought by 5000 people.
  10. If a minute of reading time by a member on Medium earns $0.03 on average, that’s 33,333,333 minutes of reading, or 55,5555 hours, or 23148 days of member reading time in total. Now this one is discouraging.
  11. A good heritage.

No matter what your goal, your problem or your situation is, no matter how huge and insurmountable and unfeasible it may seem if you decide to break it down as much as possible, everything will become clearer and you’ll eventually come up with a plan.

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