100 Followers in 5 Days🤯

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Thank you to my followers on Medium for helping me hit the milestone of 100 followers. I don’t know if I set the record for the fastest time to reach 100 followers in 5 days but I know for a fact that you guys like my content and that it is SUPREME from the rest of the other writers in Medium.

“How did you do it!” you asked.

To those of the readers who are not subscribed, be sure to subscribe to me because my channel (HustleVentureSG) is all about promoting personal finance and side hustle (Medium is one of the 9 Side Hustles I work on🤑)

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom because I will give away the SECRET to growing an audience on Medium.

What I did Right

Here’s a hard pill to swallow, content writers need to be able to provide not only quality content but also have the ability to produce large quantities of them without having the quality dropping.

The problem most Medium writers have with not being able to grow followers is the ability to write quality content(a lot of things behind that go into creating good content) and maintain the standard when posting at their pace.

In order for me to grow my followers fast and join the Medium Partner. I had to post at least 5 content daily, all of which is an emphasis on “How I” instead of “How to”. This is crazy because I have been an SEO content specialist on Google. And Google loves content with finding value in a how-to subject to its audience.

Medium doesn’t want ANOTHER GOOGLE INFORMATION, they want to know more about WHAT I CAN DO AND PROVIDE.

What you should do

Here’s the secret, and don’t share it with others unless you give my link to them. Please……

Hahaha, ok so here is what you can do right now to boost followers FAST.

  • Use AI tools to write content faster (Otter AI to change voices to words, Grammarly to correct your article, Writesonic to write more AI-generated content)
  • Spend 50% or more of your time finding the BEST HEADING. See what I did there, I emphasize the word heading so you look at it a bit longer. Just like how you should find ways to catch more user eyeballs, not literally!
  • Build a social media funnel. I have Fiverr, Upwork, my own webpage, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to promote my content to reach more audiences. So you need at least 2 to start off with.
  • Schedule time for you to work. I clock in 8 hours minimal on writing and producing my content.

Here is what I can GIVE YOU RIGHT NOW to grow your Follower

Wow, so you have really read all the way to the bottom. Congrats, I guess you love what I can provide valuable information on.

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