13 Interesting Ways to Make 150€/Day with Google Maps

13 Ways to Make 150€/Day with Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most widely used apps globally, with over 1 billion monthly active users. As such, it presents exciting money-making opportunities for creative entrepreneurs would understand how Google Maps works.

Now, generating 150€ per day (over 4000€ monthly) through a free app may sound unrealistic at first. However, by identifying high-potential ideas, executing them skillfully, and combining multiple income streams – it is achievable. This lucrative side income can even evolve into a full-time gig.

Here are 13 proven methods to make bank with Google Maps:

1. Become a Google Maps Guide

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Google Maps has an army of Local Guides who contribute reviews, photos, and knowledge to the platform.

The most active Guides get rewarded with free Google storage, publicity, and occasional prizes.

However, you can take it up a notch by becoming a freelance Google Maps advisor and consultant. Pitch businesses in your city on helping optimize their Google Maps presence. Offer services like:

•Ensuring their business profile is complete and verified
•Responding to customer reviews and Q&A
•Adding professional photos of the storefront, menu items, interior, etc.
•Creating posts to highlight new offers, events, or announcements
•Improving SEO with relevant keyword optimization

Charge a recurring monthly fee of 50-200€ per business for maintaining their Google Maps presence. With just 2-3 clients, you can hit your daily income goal.

2. Create Custom Maps

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Google My Maps allows you to develop customized map visualizations with markers, shapes, images, and text. These can be marketed and monetized in creative ways.

Ideas include:

•Local business directory map for a city or region
•Map of top restaurants based on cuisine or rating
•Self-guided walking tours for historical neighborhoods or landmarks
•Film location maps for tourists visiting famous movie setting sites
•College campus maps with dorms, classrooms, and cafeterias marked
•Event maps showing booths and session locations

Charge users a small fee (2-10€) to download your custom maps. Or sell to businesses interested in promoting locations. The maps can also be embedded in blogs or travel sites with affiliate links.

3. Offer Virtual Tour Services

Google Maps Business View lets you create indoor 360° virtual tours of locations which are then integrated with their Maps profile.

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Reach out to shops, hotels, museums, universities, and event spaces that could benefit from virtual tours. Charge around 150-300€ per location for professional 360° photography and tour creation.

Real estate agents may especially find virtual home tours useful for remote buyers. You can also promote custom-branded maps and self-guided tours as value-added products.

4. Sell Advertising Space

Local businesses want visibility and access to Google Maps’ massive user base. Offer to sell sponsored pins and ads on your custom Google Maps in high-demand categories like restaurants, bars, shops.


At a rate of 10-20€ per pin or ad unit for a few months, you only need around 10-15 sponsored spots on your maps to make your daily revenue goal.

Expand beyond pins to native image ads and branded markers with logos. Sell different types of promotions – new openings, events, coupons, and holiday offers.

5. Monetize Geo-Fenced Ad Campaigns

Geo-fencing uses GPS to trigger actions when a device enters or leaves a geographic boundary. This can power targeted local mobile ads.

With business info from Google Maps, you can help brands geo-fence and reach customers near specific store locations. Charge 500-1000€ per campaign creation.

Alternatively, sell geo-fenced push promotions that mobile users receive when walking down certain streets or neighborhoods.

6. Develop Location-Based Apps and Games

If you have coding skills, develop and monetize your own apps powered by Google Maps API and location services.

Fun ideas include:

•AR treasure hunt game where users seek clues at local landmarks
•Fitness app that tracks and maps running/cycling routes
•Food app that locates nearby restaurants and deals
•City guide app with points of interest and events
•Parking assistant that maps real-time free parking spots.

You can charge for downloads, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. Outsource development if required. Apps take time to gain traction but possess exciting monetization upside.

7. Offer Gig Services Geared to Maps

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Maps can enable various real-world gig services, powered by your knowledge of local spots. Services could include:

•Custom walking tours of hidden city gems and scenic spots
•Drone videography of homes, properties, or landmarks
•Photographing business storefronts, products, and interiors
•Researching optimal locations for new businesses using traffic, demographic and competitive data

Price each gig from 50-200€ based on scale, travel, and time required. A couple of gigs daily will get you to your revenue target.

8. Sell Your Mapping Data and Analysis

Compile interesting data layers on top of Google Maps – like case counts,census demographics, traffic patterns, weather metrics.

Then generate insights and sell readable reports or raw data to both individuals and companies.

For example, provide competitive location analysis for a new restaurant based on similar eateries. Or supply property and zoning data to real estate investors and developers.

Price data reports, API access, visualizations, and analysis from 50-500€ each depending on depth and scope. Signing one big client can readily hit your daily number.

9. Broker Google Ads for Local Businesses

As a Google Ads professional, offer your services to help local businesses geo-target customers near their store locations.

Charge an ongoing percentage of their ad spend or a fixed monthly fee. With enough clients spending 500-1000€ monthly each on Google Ads managed by you, you can quickly earn over 150€ per day.

Provide performance reporting to clients each month. Upsell value-added services like ad creative, landing page design, and conversion optimization.

10. Create High-Quality Map Content

Produce custom map-related content that entertains and educates people – then monetize it. Here are some ideas:

•Launch a popular Maps-focused YouTube channel with ads/sponsorships.
•Start an Instagram account highlighting beautiful mapped locations for influencer marketing gigs.
•Record a lucrative podcast about unique map-related history, facts, and stories.
•Develop a map-based online course teaching lucrative skills like geospatial analysis.

Promote your content extensively to drive an audience. Turn your passion into profits.

11. Offer Consulting Services to Map-Based Startups

With your extensive Google Maps expertise, provide high-value consulting to map-related startups and companies. Advising on areas like:

•geo-location technology and services
•mapping data and APIs
•navigation/mapping UX and design
•location-based marketing and advertising
•map-powered apps and analytics

Charge hourly rates of 50-150€ for your specialist consulting services, conducting intakes and advising founders via virtual calls. Speaking at map-related conferences also offers income potential through talks fees and sponsorship deals.

12. Sell Your Google Maps Side Project

If the above efforts prove successful, bundle them up into a single location-based service offering with its own brand, audience, and assets.

Now you can flip it for a lump sum payout by selling your Google Maps side project to another company looking to acquire your customer base, content, and technology.

For example, a tourism brand may want to buy your set of popular city tour maps and apps. Or a digital marketing agency may covet your relationships with local advertisers.

Valuations can reach tens or hundreds of thousands of euros for niche sites and apps in hot sectors. The exit provides a big payday for your efforts.

13. Real Estate Agent

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As a real estate agent, Google Maps can be a powerful tool to assist your clients in finding their dream homes.

Use the platform to showcase properties, provide virtual tours, and highlight neighborhood amenities. Your expertise combined with Google Maps’ features can help you close more deals and increase your commissions.

understanding more than 1 way to make money

Google Maps is more than just a navigation tool; it’s a versatile platform that offers various opportunities to earn money. Whether you leverage it as a local business promoter, Google Local Guide, or explore freelance opportunities, there are multiple ways to generate 150€ or more per day with Google Maps.

Tap into your skills, interests, and local knowledge to make the most of this powerful tool, and start earning today.


How much can I earn as a Google Local Guide?

The earnings for Google Local Guides vary based on the level of contributions and the region. While some users receive monetary rewards, most benefits come in the form of exclusive perks and recognition.

Are there any costs involved in becoming a Google Local Guide?

No, becoming a Google Local Guide is free. You can start contributing and earning rewards without any upfront costs.

Can I offer local business promotion services without any experience?

While prior experience in digital marketing or local SEO can be helpful, you can learn the necessary skills through online resources and practice.

Is Google Maps outdoor advertising legal?

Before engaging in outdoor advertising on your property, ensure that you comply with local regulations and obtain any necessary permits.

Can I use Google Maps for property management without any additional tools?

Google Maps provides many useful features for property management, but some property management software may offer additional functionalities to streamline your tasks.

Are there any eligibility requirements for becoming an Airbnb host?

Airbnb has specific requirements and guidelines for becoming a host. Check their website for the latest eligibility criteria.

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