8 Instant Ways to Get your Article over 5 mins Long on Medium

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Medium is an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic. By joining the MPP(Medium Partner Program), writers can make money from their readers by publishing all their articles. The more they publish, the more they can make from their article. The top earner on Medium made over $49,000 in a month, and many other writers in the top 94% make over $100.

The time spent reading on Medium matters a great deal. For one, Medium pays their writer based on the duration of paid members’ read time. So the longer they stay on your article, the more money you make. That’s why every writer on Medium is looking for ways they can let their readers stay on their article a little bit longer.

Apart from sharing knowledge and expertise, this may take years for you to learn and will take many hours just to write it all down. Once you are down, you will realize that there is nothing else to write, and that’s when your readership drops. So the question is:

How do you write more content without it having zero value or worth?

Here’s What I have Learnt

I recently became an editor for the HustleVentureSG publication. Over the last 2 weeks, I have read and edited over 30 articles and have learned a great deal about how to write better and more content. It amazes me how only when I became an editor that I found out there is a really good way to extend your content without having to come up with new ideas.

Here’s what I have learned!

Let the picture do the talking

Medium staff put the read estimate at 275 words per minute, and they added another 12 seconds for images. In other words, that’s 12 seconds of read time on Medium writers don’t have to work on increasing read time.

To also summarize your content, pictures can do all the work for you by displaying the text beside the character showing emotions. That helps. Just look at me!😅

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Easy Peasy! Just don’t forget to add citations to the images so that you don’t break any infringement rights!

Remember to fill up your tabs

Slide in some useful tabs in between your articles whenever you feel like there is value where you can add. Be it an article or even your Medium list that you think can add value to your reader like the one below.

The great thing about having a Medium tab is that you can share all your previous work and get even more read time and value.

Break them Apart

I never liked to use sentence breaks in my articles but I do agree it is a great way for a reader to catch a breather before writing another long piece of a sentence that requires more time to absorb.

Okay now that you got yourself a breather from a long sentence without any breaks. It’s time to add more content. Breaking of content works best especially long-winded content such as stats reports, poems, and analysis topics.

You do that for readers to have the time to memorize better the information given to them. Typically, a sentence should have more than 20 words and should minimally contain 2~ 5 sentences per paragraph.

Affiliate Products

Got something you like or is worth sharing that can make you money?

Affiliate marketing is increasingly popular in recent times thanks to the rise of the digital revolution. We are now more connected with our phones and we do our day-to-day stuff all on our phones.

Affiliate marketing works best once you have built a relationship with a lot of followers because the online space does require some level of trust before they make a purchase. That’s why a lot of online marketers on Medium spend their time explaining their product for their viewers to decide for themselves.

For now, I am not motivated to share any affiliate products until I find something that I think is worth the money for my readers. So if you do have an affiliate product you would like to share, comment down below to share it!

Disclaimer Notice

Having a disclaimer notice help warn viewers and protect the writer/marketer in any case of harm done to them from the information that we provide. It’s always great to explain your side of the case and why you are promoting a product. Whether you are an affiliate member, a sponsored or endorsor, or simply love the brand that you want to share it.

Here is a good example of a disclaimer notice that you can take from. It comes from the publication that I use for sharing the HustleVentureSG writer’s affiliates. Click on the link to see how I fully break it down.

If you have something you think is good for your readers and want to share it with them. Do always make sure to add the disclaimer notice at the end of the content or put a link on top to notify readers that a disclaimer has been made to promote any affiliates.

Ask a Question

Is 8 ways enough? Or do you need me to come up with more?

Asking a question your reader to have a thought can be a great distraction for them to stay on your page, especially the ones that can be related to your audience better. Like to my single men out there:

Hey, why are you single?

Ouch, that hurts me as well!😅But you get the point. Having a conversation from Q&A works great in an article and even the comment section when readers have their take on the topic as well.

Create many headings

It’s easier for the reader to read what they want to find. Most readers here probably only look at all of the headings to find out the 8 ways to get their articles to be longer. But that’s okay since these 8 ways are a good amount of content for readers to scroll and as long as they stay on the page. Your still making money!

Scripted Reusable CTA

I will end it all by using a reusable CTA. They are a great way to sell your product or services at the end. Me, I don’t plan to sell anything to my readers. My mission is to elevate HustleVentureSG publication to be the best publication on personal finance and side hustle. We plan to make your content reach a larger audience by:

  • Leveraging our website and publication to help you direct more traffic
  • Use our social media pages such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Earnings from other pages will be used for ads to increase traffic
  • At the end of 2023, we will launch a partnership program that pays our writer through PayPal

So if you are interested, do make sure to click the publication below to join us as a writer!

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