Watten House – Why UHNW Buyers Are Into It [57% Sold During Launch Day]

Watten House - Why UHNW Buyers Are Into It [57% Sold During Launch Day]

Watten House isn’t for everyone, the property caters to UHNW and the ones interested in art.

It’s interesting to see demand shift away from investing and focusing only on luxury living. Located in the heart of D11 Bukit Timah, this unique development is a joint venture between UOL and Singapore Land Group.

In an area where property value crosses more than $2 million and steep competition to enter prestigious schools such as Nanyang Primary and Hwa Chong Institution. It’s a property many investors thought was too expensive and that no one would consider buying. Prices for three-bedders start from $3 million, while those for four-bedders are well over $5 million, and five-bedders are priced from $7.4 million. To put that into context, the average 3-bed private property pricing in Singapore is worth around $970,000 to $1.2 million.

However, despite launching right next to J’Den; another more popular real estate investment, Watten House managed to break all expectations and became one of the best-selling year-end properties.

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Lo and behold, Watten House demonstrated to the real estate market that luxury condos are still in high demand despite recessionary fears. UOL reported to The Straits Times that of the eight penthouses in Watten House, three were sold at between $11.7 million, or $3,440 psf, and $14.5 million, or $3,550 psf.

Some buyers are confused by the justification of the price. It just doesn’t sit right…

But if you head to the showroom and understand the story behind the property, you may be amazed by its amazing rich history and art.

About The Artist

To bring out its uniqueness and exclusivity, both developers invited Han Sai Por; one of Asia’s leading modern sculptors and Singapore’s Cultural Medallion recipient.

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At 80 years old, Han Sai Por is well-known for her sculptures related to the environment. She advocates for people around to focus their efforts on preserving nature for future generations.

Unlike painting and drawing, she prefers using what nature has to offer. Her artwork consists of using handcrafted wood, granite, and rocks.

One of Han Sai Por’s most influential works is the “Black Forest Series”.

Her statement piece emphasizes the importance of reducing usage putting in more effort in preserving and reducing our consumption.

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There will be a few art pieces being displayed in Watten House. From sculptures, waterfalls, and even a bonsai tree for every homeowner staying in the penthouse unit.

Unlike owning a piece of art or sculpture, a bonsai tree always evolves and grows. Changing the shape of its sculpture. Never still.

It Evokes Responsibility.

Similar to life, if we put in more effort in the early stages of our life to groom and nurture. We enjoy the fruits of our labor.

With Watten Home Residence being a freehold property, the sculptor is trying to portray the importance of setting yourself and your loved ones early for success. That way, you will have something precious to pass on to future generations.

The architecture of Watten House Singapore is a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary design, creating a living space that exudes both warmth and luxury. Each detail, from the intricate facades to the carefully manicured gardens, reflects a commitment to creating an unparalleled residential experience.

Watten House Review

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Watten House is a freehold condominium development located in District 11, Bukit Timah area, developed by UOL Group and Singapore Land Group. It has 180 luxurious residential units with an average building height of five stories. The development is strategically situated near major roads, offering seamless connectivity. It is surrounded by top-tier schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping and leisure options, providing residents with convenience and an upscale urban lifestyle.

ProjectWatten House
AddressBukit Timah
No. of Units180
Site Area220,243 sqft
DeveloperJV between UOL Group and Singapore Land
Expected TOPEst. 2027
Thought consensus of the public

Expensive. A property that's solely targeted towards UHNW clients.


Great if you drive since its beside Farrer Flyover. If you decide to take the public transport, it will be a 8 min walk to Tan Kah Kee MRT.


Woody and luxury looks. However, not as grand as anticipated.

Unit Size

Units are bigger than expected. Many speculate that developer would build 286 unit but turns out that they made just 180 units

Efficiency Layout

Compact layout. However, the corridor to the bedrooms can be rather long and buyers may feel like it is a wasted space.


Nothing much within surrounding and you maybe require to travel by car to nearby amenities.


Rare to find development within D11. Therefore, buyers who are looking to buy at this location would find this development attractive.


Having UOL and SingLand; both reputable developers with UOL well-known as a developer that focuses on luxury concept is appealing to investors.


Quiet and peaceful area. With a good distance away from the flyover, it is a well-located development.

Public Transport

8 min walk is considered long if you are a working adult.


One of, if not, the best schools you can get in Singapore. Watten House is within the 1km radius of popular schools – Nanyang Primary School, Raffles Girls' Primary School, Nanyang Girls' High School, Hwa Chong Institution and National Junior College.

Price Point

Not for everyone. It's for buyers with a unique sense of art and location preference.

Risk Factors

Watten House is a freehold development project, the risk for your investment may be relocation of school (highly unlikely) or heavier construction for flyover.

Investment Opportunity

If you are looking for investment. There are better opportunities out there. However, if you are looking to have your real estate investment grow over a long time, Watten house may be the right fit for you.

What's Install and how can you get started with Property Investing?

Hope you have gotten a rough idea of what you can look out for the Watten House?

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Is Watten Estate a freehold or leasehold?

Watten Estate is a freehold condominium.

How big is the land at Watten House?

The land size of Watten Estate Condominium is 20,461 sqm.

How big is the land at Watten Estate condo?

The land size of Watten Estate Condominium is 20,461 sqm.

How much is the Watten en bloc?

The Watten Estate en bloc sale price was S$550.8 million.

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