How I Earned $688.19 Writing on Medium as a Side Hustle

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A little insight into my “success story” and how you can do the same

Today I was wondering how much I’ve earned in total since I started writing on Medium. I usually write monthly reports of my earnings on Medium, but I’ve never yet totaled up the money I’ve earned since I received my first cents from the platform.

So I grabbed my best calculator (I have a collection of 8,178 calculators here in Dubai), and embarked on a tedious and time-consuming quest for the most difficult and challenging addition I’ve ever had to make in my life (despite having 4 PhDs in mathematics since I’m 6) (6 months).

Here are my earnings from January until yesterday:

My Medium earnings since I joined the Partner Program in January. Photo by the author.

The calculation was therefore as follows:

88.2 + 139.02 + 256 + 192.43 + 12.54

No, don’t leave the story yet. If you feel sick or dizzy and nauseous, take a break and come back after. Big numbers often do this to people.

The result, displayed on the pure diamond screen of my blockchain-enabled calculator, is:



$688.19 since January. Impressive isn’t it?

I don’t think so.

Here in Dubai, you can barely buy a loaf of bread for a measly $688.19.

Enough jokes, here is my real opinion.

I think it’s not bad at all, it’s even very good for the length of my presence on Medium. Nevertheless, it’s much less than one can expect if one makes the ratio between the earnings and the number of hours spent writing articles, compared to a job that doesn’t pay much (there are no bad jobs, the lowest-paid jobs are often the most useful).

On the other hand, the earnings should theoretically increase with time until they become very large, such as 8 million per month, or maybe $2,000 will be fine for me. If one day I reach such a sum, I’ll let you know, we’ll go to a little restaurant in Dubai (I hope we’ll have enough to buy sparkling water).

If you want to reach this amount (or waaaay more, since some of you have already exceeded it), be consistent. There are many tips out there, but be consistent and present on the platform. That’s the only thing that will work for sure. You may get lucky and get a boost or see one of your stories go viral, but there is no recipe for that!

Until then, let’s keep writing!

I’m curious to know how much you made on Medium — feel free to tell me in the comments, I won’t make fun of you 🙂

(except if it’s lower than $688.19)

(don’t say it either if it’s more than $688.19, otherwise, I will lose credibility, thanks)


Banner on which to click to become a member of Medium with my referral link! Made on Canva by the author.
Become a member of Medium with my referral link! Made on Canva by the author.

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