How To Build A Successful Brand as a Freelance Influencer

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From Understanding Your Reasons To Managing Your Time

Building a successful brand as a freelance influencer is the easiest way to build an online presence. Knowing which path to take is important both in business and in life. You’ll spend a lot of time building both. You might as well do what you love. In regard to this article, why do you want to have a business in the first place?

Don’t trap yourself in a future you don’t want to live. Your ideas will be the foundation of the future you’re trying to create, and understanding your ‘why’ is the start of the journey.

Simon Sinek explains further:

Understanding what you do and why you do it on a deeper level is a personal thing. There are no right or wrong answers here. Spirituality, meditation, and journaling are the best ways to figure this out. I’m talking from my personal experience.

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Procrastinate On Purpose and Multiply Your Time

How To Build A Successful Brand as a Freelance Influencer
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Knowing what matters is more complex than one might expect. We get lots of different impulses each day. How do you know you’re doing the right thing? What is the right thing?

I had a lot of time to reflect on time management. I tried a bunch of systems. Likewise, I even created one for myself, but that’s a discussion for another article. The basis of my personal system started with a video from Rory Vaden.

His approach is simple:

  • Prioritize
  • Automate
  • Delegate
  • Procrastinate
  • Concentrate

Rory Vaden, Ted Talk on becoming a multiplier:

Will this multiply my time? I ask myself this question a lot. Rory’s focus funnel helps you think about the significance of a task over time. Time is the only currency that matters, in my opinion.

The Power of ‘Documenting vs. Creating’

I was watching Gary Vaynerchuck on the day he talked about this for the first time. “Document VS create” It’s brilliant and self-explanatory. Creating takes a lot of creative juices. Sometimes way too much for the results you get in return.

But documenting your journey can get you much further. You don’t have to create new ideas from scratch each time, and that’s okay. Even with the mundane, you can keep your followers on their toes while building your brand.

The process remains the same whether you’re trying to be an influencer or a faceless brand. It doesn’t matter what you do. When you know your reasons — your ‘why’ anything you do can work.

Here’s what Gary Vaynerchuk has to say about this:

Focus on sharing your experiences with your followers. It will help you have a meaningful relationship with them. Don’t just create content for the sake of it. The beauty of authenticity is in Its simplicity.

Mastering the Art of Content Batching

Creating consistently is essential to build a solid brand. If you try to do this on a daily or weekly regimen, you’ll get burned out faster than a candlestick. Gone are the days of creating until you drop.

A way to create compelling content is by “content batching.” It’s the process of creating multiple pieces of content at once, rather than creating content on a daily or weekly basis.

This type of content creation can be for writing blog posts, filming videos, recording podcasts, etc. By creating multiple pieces of content at once, you can be more efficient and consistent in your content creation process. I use metricool to achieve this.

Julia Guardiola explains Metricool:

Metricool is a social media analytics and management tool that allows you to schedule posts. You can also analyze your performance and generate reports. With the app, you can schedule up to 50 posts for free and post/auto-post on multiple popular social media platforms on a schedule.

The benefits of content batching are the following:

  • The metrics help you understand your audience better.
  • You have a consistent content creation schedule.
  • You’re always planned and organized.

Content batching can help you to stay focused and avoid distractions. Talking from my own experiences, this can be particularly helpful for freelance influencers.

Choosing the Right Platforms For Your Brand

Choosing the right platforms for what you’re trying to achieve is an art form. If you do everything simultaneously, you’re chasing your tail to no end, especially when you’re only just starting.

The question that you need to ask yourself is, ‘What comes naturally?’ Do you like to write, be in front of the camera, or are you more of a talker behind a mic? These questions can help you choose the right social media platforms.

Virgil Abloh Explains his cheat codes:

I recommend only starting with one or two social media platforms at the beginning stages of building a brand. At the end of the day, if you don’t understand your process, your followers won’t understand your message.

There are multiple platforms online, and each platform has pros and cons. It’s essential to consider which platform will work best for your goals.

Maximize the value of having a Landing page.

A landing page can be for anything. For example, you can use it to promote an affiliate product or service through social media.

Imagine you’re a make-up influencer trying to promote a new skincare product on Instagram for a second. You could create a landing page to:

  • Have a PDF providing more information about the product.
  • Ask visitors to sign up for a 20% deal on the product.
  • Have a button that redirects them to the sales page.

There are a bunch of different landing page providers online. The most popular ones on TikTok are Linktree and Beacons.

Stewart Gauld explains:

I prefer to use veshort because of the versatility, but they all do the same thing. Don’t get too hung up on it, and choose one. The most important thing is that you have a page that redirects your followers to the right place.

To get access to Veshort for free, make an account and follow my instructions here below:

First, go to billing by clicking on the toggle next to your account’s name.

veshort screenshot

2. Then scroll down, and paste your voucher: DEALMIRROR

Veshort screenshot

If you did everything mentioned, you would have access to veshort until January 2043. You can make Bio pages and QR codes and use several other tools. I can’t guarantee that this still works at the time you’re reading this. If it did, clap to let me know.

Don’t Underestimate Automation Tools.

I wrote an article about the best free/freemium automation tools, but I didn’t delve deep into their importance. Automation is essential to any business. It helps you save time, and it increases efficiency.

In web 2.0, there are only two things that matters: creating and sharing content. You want to be able to allocate time for what matters to you. Anything else can be automated in the process.

Here are a few examples:

  • You can schedule your posts in advance. It can help you save time and ensure that your posts are consistently published, even if you’re busy or unavailable.
  • You can use analytics and performance-tracking tools to measure the success of your posts and campaigns. Automating these tasks can provide you with insights into performance.

Bootstrap Biz Advice explains Canva Automation:

Automation can play an essential role in your success. However, It’s important to use automation tools judiciously and not compromise on personal engagement and authenticity.


We started by finding you’re “why,” which is the most crucial part. We’ve explored time management strategies such as “strategic procrastination” and the power of documenting instead of creating.

Additionally, we’ve discussed the importance of content batching and choosing up to two suitable mediums for your brand. We also looked at what a landing page is and discussed the importance of automation.

Building a successful personal brand as a freelance influencer takes time and effort. But trust me; you can do it with the right mindset and some practical automation tools. It can be that simple. The journey to success is not a sprint but a marathon. Keep going, and good luck 😉

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