How to Spot Genuine SEO Writers

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Separating the 1% from the 99% of Imposters

SEO marketing is really for the big boys and girls. I hate to break it to you, but a month of writing isn’t going to make you an SEO expert. It’s infuriating to me how I see “self-made SEO writers” on the platform boasting about their SEO skills without even having any legitimate content rank on page one on Google.

It’s crazy how the online world of fake it till you make it has affected the freelance writing service space. These days, slapping an “SEO”, “Copywriter” or “Experience” on your service page is enough to get clicks.

SEO is Tough

Did you know if you can hire an SEO writer with a 20% result showing he/she is able to rank content on page one within three months? That level is actually a really good SEO writer.

I would pay $5,000 a month for that writer! And I know other businesses are willing to pay way more.

Ahrefs shared in an article that 90.63% of written content isn’t even indexed on Google. This can really infuriate businesses that have spent hundreds of dollars on SEO. Only to turn out that the article is not even ranking.

I may not have over 10-plus years of experience in SEO marketing and writing. But I have a proven track record of 17% page one ranking on Google. To the real SEO writers out there, they know that 17% of page one ranking is GOD tier when it comes down to SEO writing.


In just one month, I was able to boost my client’s organic readership from almost zero to 25 a day. Most importantly, the whole entire website is showing gains of over 1,000%.

Referral links, social links, and direct links to an article will die out over time. Even now and then, maybe a few curious readers may stumble across it. In less than a year, no one is going to read that article. This is what articles that don’t rely on SEO writing look like.

That spike in readership always excites the business owner but they always fail to realize the importance of SEO writing. With proper SEO writing, this content could have been getting readership all year round.

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Why Businesses need to Rely on SEO

A piece of non-SEO content could cost $5 to $20. All that writers need to do is pluck a title that works into ChatGPT. Create the content and sell it to the customer.

An SEO writer, on the other hand, looks out for keywords both long-tailed and short-tailed to add to their content. This makes Google more inclined to rank your content on page one since your articles meet most of the reader’s inquiries.

Real SEO content growth

This is what SEO writing looks like

In the beginning, if the content is solely SEO-driven. The first few weeks will come out dry until Google indexes the article.

From there, the content will climb up in readership until it is kicked off page one. But do you know how long that will take?

Almost never

You see, as the content is able to build traffic and readers are constantly getting value out of it. Google is more likely to leave the content there. Unless a certain change or inquiry pops along and another article is able to answer the inquiries. Only then, will your page one ranking would have been kicked off the top.

This is why the REAL SEO writers out there are charging thousands of dollars even royalties for their content because they know their content will rank.

It’s crazy to think that 1,000 views = $2.50 on Adsense. So if the business brings in 100,000 views per month, that’s $250 a month of passive income.

For BUSINESS OWNER ONLY [Scroll Down for Writer’s Only]

If you have just started an online business, focus on finding the right SEO writer. Trust me when I say they pay good dividends. An evergreen page one article can easily bring in over 10,000 views a month($25) and an SEO specialist writer knows this.

If you want help with SEO, reach out to me via my publication. We can work something out if you would like to discuss anything. If not, you can purchase one of our plans which is the premium SEO writing.

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How a Nobody can become an SEO Writer

Believe me when I say I started as a content writer without any SEO experience. Most of my training was done through trial and error. In under a year, I pushed my content writing limit to over 1,000 articles to learn how to actually write good content.

From broke student to analyst to a manager, to a digital nomad in 6 years. I believe if you really want to learn all about SEO, you can truly learn it by practicing hard enough. But if you want a shortcut that I’m giving away👇

How to Actually Get Good at SEO Writing [WRITERS ONLY]

So I assume you are a writer on Medium looking to become a better writer. That’s great!

Here’s an e-book of my summary of what it takes to be a proper SEO writer. If you are interested to become a REAL SEO writer, be sure to click on the link to purchase my e-book.

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