how to start a hair business with no money

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My mom used to cut my hair when I was a kid. It was a great skill to learn growing up as we had saved a lot of money not needing to go to the barber every month for a haircut. With 3 brothers(including me), mom had saved up about $10 to $90 a month from cutting our hair. The average

That got me wondering, for a 10 minutes haircut, my mom could definitely make a good side hustle. She is not a bad person at cutting hair and could definitely charge at least $20 per person. Cutting 10 person’s hair a month could provide her with at least $200 and have a good conversation. Why not!

How to Get Started

To get started, here are some considerations you need when trying to start this side hustle.

Where to Cut Hair?

Hair can be a mess especially if you don’t have the right place to cut it. The easiest place you can start cutting hair for others is in the bathroom. By opening up your drainage pipes, you can flush with water all the loose hair.

The other place you can do is outside your balcony. Once you’re done cutting hair, you can sweep the floor with your broom. Make sure the place is not too windy as the hair can be blown all over the place.

What are the tools I need

Apart from well-sharpened scissors, you may want to invest in a shaver and gown cape. All this should cost you no more than $100. Even a barber’s standard scissors cost only $10 ~ $30 at most. It’s a good quality shaver that you need to look into. A good quality shaver will cost you upwards of $30 ~ $50.

How do you Attract Customers?

The best way to get customers fast for cutting hair is through your warm market. What that means is to get your close friends and family to support you. Since they know your work ethic and you best, they are the ones that will recommend and share about you the most.

Build your circle of competency, once you are comfortable enough, then you may want to expand. Set up a shop, or have employees train, and have more perks for customers to come to you. There are many ways to attract customers to you!

How to Improve your skill?

Before you can go ahead and charge crazy prices for your services, you may want to look into how to better yourself. There are always ways to improve your skill.

  • Should I invest more in better equipment?
  • Is there a way to make my customer feel more comfortable
  • Is there a new trendy hairstyle cut I should learn?

Think about how you can add value to your customer first before charging high prices. The only time you may want to increase prices is when there is high demand or your skill is unique. If you are charging $50 for the same haircut as a $20 haircut down the street, you will lose out.

Let your value stand out so that customers will come back knowing you treat them well.


Some countries need business owners to have a license to cut hair so make sure to do your own research. Other than that, the rest are usual if you place to open a shop. Which is:

  • Completed independent barber shop owner application.
  • Proof of ownership or leasing of a business address.
  • Have a city or county business license.
  • Facility requirements like hot and cold running water. That means having public bathrooms and drinking water.

Can this Side Hustle Turn into a Full-time Income?

Yes, you can! A side hustle barber can make $720 a week with many others making way more than that. So if you’re looking to start this side hustle. Make sure to have a group of warm markets to market for you. That way your business can grow even faster.

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