I Became an Entrepreneur Thanks to ALL-IN Podcast🃏

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If you want to think like a billionaire, you need to listen to this podcast!

The All-in podcast was founded by 4 billionaires; they are ChamathJasonSacks & Friedberg. All four entrepreneur have their own opinion on the global economic view and give their take on the past, current, and future of our economy.

I listen to their podcast every week, they have taught me so much about how to start a business, manage people, and understand how the world works better. As the saying goes:

If you want to be wealthy, listen to the one driving a Bentley, not the one in the Toyota

My Entrepreneurship Begin

Have you ever heard how to start a business or run a company in school? Probably not!

Entrepreneurship has become a taboo word that is not widely explored or explained. I remembered when I first started my entrepreneurship as a vending machine business owner at 23, people thought I was crazy!

My teacher(a colleague professor; big stuff) laugh at my idea of running such a common business. At that time I didn’t have much to back myself up since all I had back then was simply ideas and ambition. I knew I wanted to run businesses when I got older.

It sucks TBH… A 23-year-old still trying to find his way around life not knowing whether he would find useful in his degree. But my best friend’s father(business owner; a Bentley owner) told me he was proud and excited to see what I could become in the future.

Entrepreneurship is Hardwork

Entrepreneurship isn’t simply marketing, there is a lot of stuff that goes behind the scene which isn’t widely talked about.

  • Overworking to push out more quality work to clients or viewers
  • Find the best optimal marketing strategy that retains customer
  • Make a business that can run on its own
  • Most importantly, knowing how to manage people

I learn all this by watching the All-in podcast every week. They would often share the pros and cons of certain businesses. Run important lessons that entrepreneurs need to take notes of and avoid these mistakes.

Understanding how businesses work in and out

One of the most underrated skills as an entrepreneur is anticipating how people would react. A 10% discount may seem a little to customers but it means a lot for a business. So to make the customer feel rewarded, increasing prices and offering the discount to meet the same value they would have brought could easily get you more customers. Here is an example:

Let’s say my content writing service is charged for $200 but I am offering a 50% discount which brings the discounted price to $100. Seems okay right?

If I were to market the content writing service to $1,000 and I am offering a 90% “Limited Offer Only!” to customers. Holy shit the traffic of your service would increase because you created a sense of urgency for the customer. The price of the service is the same but the marketing approach is different.

I Never Learn this in School🫤

WTH man! I study a degree in Business Management and all I do was how manage one of two of my team member. What the fuck am I learning!

I found a deep purpose in me and my ambition to become a better entrepreneur rises. FYI here is the story of my life from 20 to 25 if you would like to check it out. Summarizing my entrepreneurship at an early age when I quit my 9-to-5🏢and now making 100% Online Income👨‍💻.

New Age

The information age is insane! I learn way more value from Youtube than from a class. A Youtuber has more knowledge on running businesses than a professor that talks about how to run a business. Isn’t that stupid? Yeah, I just burn $50,000 in tuition fees to learn that!

I won’t say school is bad for you but if you don’t know what you would like to do in the future. Don’t simply go to a university hoping to find your dream job. If you plan to look for wisdom, experience working in the workforce has way more value to learn from than a college professor.

I’m lucky to have found people with that I can work together with, who have the same entrepreneurial mindset and have big dreams to make the world better.

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