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Investing with syfe

2020 was a year when multiple investment platforms got popular. Investing at that time was a sure way of making money. This was due to the low-interest rate and FED money printing to stimulate the economy. These made beginner investors wanted to find ways to learn and get started investing. Syfe is an online brokerage platform that not only allows investors to invest in wealth funds such as US equity, REITS, or cash savings. But also allows fractional share ownership into your favorite stocks such as Apple, Tesla, or Google. With fractional shares, you are better able to DCA (Dollar-cost average) into your preferred stocks without having to own 1 full share on every purchase.

How Investing Used to be

I remember back 5 years ago buying stock required you to go to a bank to create an account. Apart from having to spend a huge sum of money just to open an account. You have to have a large sum of money to even begin investing. What’s wrong is the crazy expensive transaction fees and conversion fees involved. Thank go we are now in a digital era!

Now there are plenty of investment brokerage apps popping out. Investing has become a lot easier in this digital era we live in. Making money through our phones is increasingly common. An online broker such as Tiger Broker or MooMoo begin to become a common investment tool for the everyday user to invest their money.

How Robo-Advisor has redefined the Investing Market

As mentioned how challenging it was to start investing. Robo-advisor has really made investing so simple. All users have to do is adjust the risk tolerance and how much they are willing to invest and wish to achieve by the end of the allocated time horizon.

What Makes investing with Syfe Great!

Investing in the Robo-advisor platform is a great way for beginners to start learning to invest. Apart from its low barrier of entry, syfe allow any new investor to know more about the basic of investing and get you on the right foot for investing.

By investing in ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund), users get to enjoy a basket of multiple stocks for safer, low-volatility investments. Syfe has a REITs (Real estate investment trust) portfolio that invests in Singapore’s largest real estates firms such as MapleTree, CapitaLand, ParkwayLife, and many other.

Is it Safe to Investing with Syfe

Syfe protects your money with bank-grade security. When you send money to Syfe Wealth, it is held in a DBS Trust Account, which is independent from Syfe’s own accounts and invested solely in your portfolio assets. Syfe Trade’s funds are also housed in an HSBC trust account.

Start Investing with Syfe!

Syfe is a great way to start off your investment journey with minimal risk. Its well-diversified portfolio into ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) allows users not to be as affected by the market volatility as owning individual stocks. Think you have what it takes to buy individual stocks but don’t have enough to invest at once? Syfe fractional share trading allows users to buy and own fractional shares!

Download Syfe and deposit a minimum of $1000 for an assured $60 SGD cash bonus (updated on 17 May 2022)!


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