Is it worth it to write on Medium?

medium vs google on which is better to write content on

Can it compete with Google?

You want to find where your content can reach as many audiences, and so do I. While many writers believe writing on Google is the no-brainer when it comes to making money, I believe Medium has a high ground against Google in certain categories.

Which is Better: A Detailed Comparison

To compare Google and Medium, we will evaluate the following aspects:

  1. User Interface
  2. Audience Reach
  3. Monetization Options
  4. SEO Optimization
  5. Content Ownership

User Interface

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The user interface of a platform can greatly impact the writing and publishing experience. Let’s see how Google and Medium compare in this aspect.


Google’s interface is clean and straightforward. It offers a simple toolbar with basic formatting options such as bold, italic, and underline. Google also provides a word count feature and allows for the insertion of images and links. The interface is easy to navigate, making it ideal for beginners.

If you plan to be a writer on Google, you need to have SEO knowledge. That skill can cost easily over $5,000 just to learn everything there is in order to make a full-time income and earn passive income through ads.


Medium, on the other hand, offers a more robust interface. It provides more formatting options such as block quotes, bullet points, and numbered lists. Medium also has a preview option that allows writers to see how their article will look before publishing. The interface is sleek and modern, making it ideal for experienced writers.

You don’t really need any upfront skills, but you definitely need to know how to write. If you can do that, making money on Medium is pretty simple once you get the right audience. The right audience I mean is the member-paying audience.

Audience Reach

The audience reach of a platform is critical for writers who want to reach a wide audience. Let’s see how Google and Medium compare in this aspect.



Google has a massive user base, with millions of people using its search engine every day. Once you publish your content, chances are you will get short spikes of traffic for the first few days thanks to direct, referral, and social reach. But the real money maker is organic reach once your content is indexed on Google. Here’s what it looked like for me.👇


This means that articles published on Google have the potential to reach a vast audience. However, Google’s primary purpose is not as a publishing platform, so it may not be the best choice for writers looking to build a following.



Medium, on the other hand, is a dedicated publishing platform. It has a built-in audience of millions of readers who are interested in reading high-quality content. Medium also offers a feature called “Publications” where writers can submit their articles to a curated publication, increasing their visibility and reach.


Unlike normal readers, people that read on Medium have a longer read time since they love spending time reading on the platform. While that may be great, the platform doesn’t actually push out your articles to millions of readers. I have actually testified this and found that even the best writers on the platform only get about a few thousand readers into their articles.

Here’s what it looked like for me for content that is 2 weeks old.👇

Monetization Options

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Do you want to make money?

Monetization options are essential for writers who want to earn money from their writing. Let’s see how Google and Medium compare in this aspect.


Google does not offer direct monetization options for writers. However, writers can earn money from their articles through AdSense if they have a website. This means that writers using Google will need to have a website to earn money.

To me, I have to give Medium a big L on this one. The way to monetize on Google is really tedious and you don’t make thousands of dollars until you have actually built an audience. It sucks honestly since it really takes months in order to grow on Google.

While content viewership grows over time, you still need to put a lot of effort into marketing and brand outreach every day. I remember I used to contact and plan video calls every day to push my personal branding out. At that time, I had to personally craft over 50 emails and messages in order to push my branding.

While I would say Google takes the big L. You can’t deny that it is way easier to make thousands of dollars there. It’s not easy work but I can safely say that there are more people on Google that are willing to pay for any service. In order to become a digital nomad, I closed a total of 8 businesses to work with and it made me who I am today!


Medium, on the other hand, offers a built-in monetization program called the “Medium Partner Program.” This program allows writers to earn money based on the engagement of their articles.

Medium wins when it comes to monetization options for me because you don’t really need any skill and experience to build a paying audience. Medium offers paid referred members. That means if someone pays for the $5 per month member service, you get $2.27 per month indefinitely until he/she stopped paying.

It’s an unspoken rule that if you pay for Medium membership, you would instantly gain more authority in your content. Right now, Medium has also launched author verification which can also help to build authority.

So if you are looking to get high validation, please get yourself a Medium membership by signing up with the link below!

Click the image to sign up as a Medium member

Once you have gained a level of authority, the next step is farming readership. There are many ways you can gain readers but the safest option you can do that is through publication.

Sharing your content with a publication allows your content to be read by readers that have an interest in the publication’s content. That means you are getting free traffic to your content.

If you sign up as a writer with HustleVentureSG’s publication, it gets a lot better. Since HustleVentureSG is a business website looking to earn an income, your content will be marketed and reach out to WAY MORE PEOPLE.

Why I give Medium the W(win) is how easy it is to earn $50 on the platform. At that time, I used Medium simply as a side income to fund whatever more personal story I would like to share.

Authors earning on Medium in the first month
Is it worth it to write on Medium? 1

There are a lot more ways for you to start building an income from Medium and it relies on building a community of readers interested in your content. I found out 3 months ago that there are many easy ways to actually earn money on Medium fast which I have been using to build my income on Medium.

SEO Optimization

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SEO optimization is critical for writers who want to improve their search engine rankings. Let’s see how Google and Medium compare in this aspect.

Google is a search engine, so articles published on Google are naturally optimized for SEO. This means that writers using Google have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of search engine results.

Medium also offers SEO optimization tools, but they are not as robust as Google’s. Medium allows writers to add tags and descriptions to their articles to improve their search engine rankings. However, writers using Medium may have a harder time ranking on the first page of search engine results compared to Google.

Content Ownership

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Content ownership is a critical aspect for writers who want to maintain control over their work.

Google allows writers to retain complete ownership of their articles. This means that writers can publish their articles on Google without worrying about losing their rights to their content. However, it is worth noting that once an article is published on Google, it becomes part of the public domain, and anyone can access and share it.

Medium also allows writers to retain ownership of their articles. However, Medium has a unique licensing policy that allows it to sublicense the content to other platforms, including newsletters, social media, and other websites. This means that writers using Medium may have less control over how their content is distributed.

While others may find this unethically to “legally take writer’s content”, I found that this is the best way for new writers to get INSTANT creditability that can skyrocket their content writing journey.

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My Opinion

Ultimately, the decision between Google VS Medium Article — Which is Better depends on your individual needs and preferences. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Both Google and Medium have unique features and benefits that make them suitable for different types of writers.

If you are a beginner or want to reach a wide audience, Medium may be the better choice for you. However, if you already have a website and want to earn money from your writing, Google may be the better choice.

You are way better off building a brand using a website rather than Medium itself. Medium should only be your social media page to share your content. That worked for me!

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