One of Writer’s Biggest Fear: Are we Writing Enough😱

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Shit, have I been pushing out lesser content!

At some point in our life as content writers, we worry about the inevitable fear of not getting enough content out to our audience. Where our traffic decreases and the readers seem to not care about the content we produce. That’s when our thoughts run wild on whether we are writing enough.

So what do we do?

You can’t really blame a writer for creating clickbait articles, they have to, or else it’s really hard especially for new writers to get their name out there. I truly understand how tough it is for new writers to make a name for themselves, especially with AI writing taking over our writing.

The Dilemma

So what should I do?

It’s easy to point out the simplest solution to write more. But now that AI content is available for everyone, writing more isn’t helping. All it takes for AI to write 2,000-word content is under 30 seconds. No way can any writer compete against that with the information they need to research.

New writers fail to notice this change. writers have already moved away from informative content writing since AI can do the searching for us. Instead, the only way writers can still stand out is by creating content that affects people themselves, specifically, emotional selling.

Be Human

The best content writers I found are the ones with big imaginations and who know how to write a story that we love to think about.

A great example of this is JK Rowling, the reason why her books on Harry Potter are such a great sell to readers is how it is filled with imagination and creativity. There’s a story to tell and a magical wonder to follow.

AI writing can never do that.

You see, AI writing software is meant to process what “has already been written” and reconstruct content available to suit a narrative. There is no emotional thought behind an AI writer’s writing. That’s why writers who can write “like a human” is the only way it can sell.

But if I Don’t Write More, I can’t Sell More!

The problem with most writers is how impatient for success. A great book requires depth and a great level of storytelling. It takes years to build, JK Rowling took over 6 years just writing her first book on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Sometimes, we just have to take a step back and collect our thoughts first before writing the story.

Let your imagination run wild, wander around, and think of some crazy story you want to write about. Chances are, you will find more creativity to write a story. I know cause I did too!

Write for Creativity

The best writers out there have their own form of writing style, we copy them sometimes. Whether it is the sentencing structure, the breakdown of how the story flows, or the long description before something big happens.

In order for creativity to come into our writing, we must first find ways to build our creativity. Here are some ways you can do just that:

Travel More

If you have the luxury to travel, you should!

Traveling is the best way to get inspired. If Steve Jobs hadn’t traveled to India, he would never create Apple iPhone the way it is. Traveling allows people to expand their horizons, take a step back away from the norm, and enjoy the experience of finding comfort in the discomfort.

My teacher used to keep saying that: “find your comfort in the discomfort.”

I never really understood what that meant until I started traveling around more as a digital nomad. The uncomfortable experience of living a life different from my usual norm allowed me to experience life differently from how I perceived it. It made me enjoy thinking more about life itself.

Read More

And while traveling, I got to experience more time for myself and read more. I collected as much information about how people thought in the past and their thoughts about the future.

It made me more curious about what I want to write about and got my adrenaline pumping to write a story about what I’ve learned.

Talk to People More

Along the way, meeting people from different races or another part of the world gives a different perspective. I think about myself a lot more and what I can do.

It’s interesting how I am now able to open up my mind to more information now than I have ever before. It even allows me to write unique articles such as these ones which many writers would have never thought about writing it.

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We shouldn’t write for the sake of Writing

You are not a bad writer, you are just not being creative enough.

Content writing is tough work, we can get writer’s block which is a huge pain in the ass. But it can be dealt with easily when you have a lot of imagination in your mind.

As long as you remain excited to write about something, chances are, you are on the right track to creating your masterpiece.

When it comes to content writing, writers can easily make upwards of $1,000 a month up to creating a 6-figure business. That is if you are creative enough.

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