The Complete Guide to Options Selling


Options Selling is one of the key strategies that has proven to be able to provide a higher return. Options trading is a complex and tiresome side hustle. There are plenty of techniques, strategy, tips, and trick each person will use for their options trading. However, 1 thing is clear. Statistically, 80% of all options held through expiration will indeed expire worthless. Furthermore, experts estimate that only 10% or less of all options will ever be exercised.

The reason why we would recommend picking up this book to read is that it is by far one of the easiest options for trading books to read. It is by far one of the easiest and most understandable options trading books we have read. Unlike most options trading books, this book gave multiple analogies and examples that clearly explain and educate the right strategy to trade and invest your options properly.

It also clearly explains why option selling earns a higher return over time, using references of many great investors such as Warren Buffet using this strategy to make most of his stock purchases.

The book also teaches how to think more from a value investor point of view. Differentiating themselves as a businessman rather than a gambler.

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