“SEO Experts” are Lying to your Face About Ranking your Articles

SEO Experts are lying to your face about ranking your articles

If you can read this TRUTH all the way to the end, you have a high chance to make good money from content writing. Period!

To see major results in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), which is continuously changing, one must have knowledge, work, and dedication. Sadly, there are many so-called “SEO professionals” responsible for spreading the get-rich-quick mindset that SEO writing is easy. You need to stop believing some of the most prevalent SEO myths, which we shall expose in this article. As an SEO specialist writer that has written numerous page-one articles. Here are facts that I have learned as a writer over the years.

Just Use Google!

Some “SEO experts” suggest using the lowest-ranked Google search queries as free keywords to generate traffic by writing content based on these questions. However, this belief is false and simplistic.

Screenshot of a search on how long content last on the Internet

Adding thoughts isn’t going to help much

The problem with using related searches to guide you is that these are prompts for searchers to click on. Many of these containers have already been answered and your adding value isn’t going to move the income needle much.

Given that Google search inquiries are free, most of these given keywords already have a high competition ranking. Meaning there will be a lesser chance for you to get ranked on Google.

Keywords have different Value

The main difference between an SEO expert and a casual user is knowing that not all keywords have equal value. Many “SEO experts” don’t share this important skill, but I believe in providing value to my readers by sharing it. Take a look at my SEO tool.

Google isn’t going to show you this!

The key difference between paid and free SEO tools is how much information is provided. SEO tools share keyword volume, keyword density, and traffic from searches. Pro SEO experts know that they need to find valuable keywords in their articles. They would pick keywords that are high searched volume, low keyword density, and high traffic. This information will never be free!

Your Content will Last on Page One Forever!

After your website is optimized, according to some so-called SEO “experts,” you can stop worrying about it. This is a blatant lie. SEO is a continuous process that needs frequent upkeep, observation, and modification. Your rivals are continuously attempting to outrank you as search engine algorithms change frequently. Your website will quickly lose its rating and visitors if you cease optimizing it.

Organic doesn’t Work

Be real! Organic traffic doesn’t come at all if you are a beginner writer. Writers need to focus on social media and direct traffic when they are first starting. For Google to quickly recognize your work, you will need to get as much normal traffic into your content. This prompts Google to take quicker action for your content given its speed in ranking the content.

Keyword Stuffing gets Penalized

Keyword stuffing involves adding excessive and irrelevant keywords throughout a webpage to improve its search engine ranking. While this was once a common practice, search engines can now detect and penalize websites that use this technique. Which can make the content hard to understand and seem like spam. It’s better to focus on producing high-quality content that is relevant to the user’s search intent rather than trying to manipulate search rankings with keyword stuffing. Using keywords naturally and sparingly can be effective, but the content should still be engaging and useful for the reader.

Needs to be Updated

After a year or two, review your article’s relevance and don’t waste time on low-traffic content that won’t benefit from improvements. To keep your content current and improve its ranking, update it by adding new keywords and removing outdated information.

Keep pushing for more page-one content

Domain Authority(DA) is an important metric for any website owner. The higher the domain authority, the easier it is for your content to rank on page one because Google has deemed your content worthy of higher rankings. To keep your other content at page one, you need to keep adding more high-value content on Google for Google to maintain your high-ranking status.

You need SEO Ranking Tools

Here’s the hard truth, you can go about writing your articles by finding keywords on Google but that isn’t going to help you. There is a reason why large corporations are using SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRUSH, and RankIQ. These tools help their writer find out what words Google is looking out for in their articles and is pushing them up to page one ranking.

Get RankIQ

If you want to do well with your website or rank your Medium article on Google. You need an SEO tool, I use RankIQ. Unlike the other SEO tools that are out there, RankIQ is considered to be one of the best low-cost SEO tools that I genuinely liked and use.

RankIQ – The AI-Powered SEO Toolset for Bloggers
Make post outlines in minutes, create content in half the time, and get access to the lowest competition keywords on…www.rankiq.com

I’m going to tell you why it is my favorite(FYI, I have used all 3 SEO tools), breaking it all down to show you how RankIQ is out-competing the rest of the other SEO tools that are out there!

You get a clear Goal!

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Screenshot of RankIQ on how they check competition ranking for article

The problem with most SEO tools is they only show writers what keywords to use, the competitiveness of keywords, and the competitor that is writing.

RankIQ works with their writer to ensure they are getting page-one-level content out there. They share what grade level you need to get(how many keywords to add), the number of words to write, competition DA(domain authority) ranking to see if you can compete against them, and how fast your content can rank on page one(very fast typically takes about a week or two).

Screenshot of my work where I am typing in keywords to add to your content

RankIQ will ensure you have the right amount of keywords added to your content to ensure the right grading is matched. In this article above, I need to achieve an A+ rating, therefore, I will need to push my F grade up.

Showing you your Rankings

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Some of my content that is ranked on page one

After long hours of pushing SEO content, RankIQ has a feature that shares the real-time ranking of your articles. On this page, I currently have 5 listed content that are growing in value as they aged. Just an added information, the content that I have written is only one month old and has already been bringing in organic traffic.

Is the Pricing Right for You?

RankIQ cost about USD 50 per month, which is way cheaper as compared to the other SEO tools that I have used. They are the easiest SEO tools to use that I use in my day-to-day writing which is why once again, I am recommending my favorite product!🤗

RankIQ – The AI-Powered SEO Toolset for Bloggers
Make post outlines in minutes, create content in half the time, and get access to the lowest competition keywords on…www.rankiq.com

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