Social Media Managers DON’T WANT you to know this Secret

Social media managers don't want you to know this secret

How Social Media Manager is probably the Laziest Job to take on

A Social Media Manager is the easiest way for freelancers to make a quick buck. Most social media managers don’t even spend long hours developing content. Yet, they are still one of the highest-paid side hustles. Depending on your skill level with content sharing, a Social Media manager can be paid from $100 up to $4,000 a month. In this article, I will be sharing some of the BEST KEPT secrets Social Media Managers don’t want you to know. At the end of the article, you would get to see the tools that they(including me😳) use!

Almost Everything is Automatic

Thanks to AI technology and useful software tools. Social Media Managers are now automating most of their work. You don’t even have to think about the text for your post. AI software can write you a short content piece that goes well with your CTA(call-to-action).

If you have used Instagram, Tiktok, or Pinterest. You will know that there is a limit to the number of scheduled posts (max. 15 posts). With software tools, you can schedule an infinite amount of content at once.

Use this All-in-One Social Media Marketing tool

Here is the secret sauce, control all your social media and automate them with

  • Generate Viral Content by AI with One Click
  • Generate the Best Hashtags to Get Your Posts Discovered
  • Get Sales & Leads From Any Link Posts
  • Discover New, Hot Content & Auto-post to Your Social Media Pages and Blogs. Including Auto Post to Instagram without a Phone
  • Manage Your Posts in a Calendar View
  • Discover the Influencers & Competitors in your Niche
  • Get Juicy SEO Backlinks from Social Networks

Fan Page Robot helps manage and grow fan pages for their clients. More Followers — More Revenue — In Less Time!

Fan Page Robot | AI-Powered 10-in-1 Marketing Automation Software to Increase Social Media… Net Page Likes Stats from Happy Birthday Memes Before joining us: small fanbase, 17 new daily followers, managed by…

I recommend users use FanPage Robot since this is the best-automated tool to use for all social media.

You may also want to check out Tailwind

If you would like to work with other social media managers and have a community of people to support you. Tailwind is another app that I use to manage my client’s social media accounts.

Tailwind Social Media Management Tool | Create, Schedule & Optimize Stress about having to create and schedule all of your social & email from scratch Spend hours struggling to find the…

How these Software Tools will Help You

I’m currently automating 4 social media accounts(all paid by clients). Every day, I would spend about 2~4 hours per day running all social media accounts. Here’s how I run my day-to-day social media management.

  • Canva Pro → Create Awesome looking Insta Worthy Post
  • Schedule it on Fan Page Robot with text all automated with ghostwriting
  • Have AI bots work on pushing out your content via pushing likes and claps
  • Work on replying to other social media posts. Commenting and reaching out to influencers in the same niche

Where you can Start

So now that you know how I work, here is where you can start as a Social Media Manager.

Freelancing Platforms

You could start with a freelancing platform such as Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer. Don’t expect a high income, most of these platforms have plenty of lowballers (I hate them). Use this time to work on learning the craft instead of trying to make an income. When you are first starting, expect to put a lot of time and effort into working on getting it right.

Hiring Platform

Once you are feeling a little more confident with your social media marketing skill. The next level is aiming to earn a higher income. You may want to look at hiring platforms from your own country. See what niche suits your style of media marketing. Use this time to get smart with running social media marketing. Get it automated.

Big Players

Once you have gained several successful social media pages to manage. The next BIGGEST MONEY MAKER you need to be looking at is forming a business page.

You are now running a media business. You need to put down all your reviews and get noticed by the big players. The clients that you need to be finding are influencers and corporation that plans to push a lot of content to the network. Make sure to set up a proper pricing structure so that people understand what they will be paying for your service.

Start Building

Now that you know the step-by-step way to become a social media manager. If you love using social media and want to make money out of it. Be sure to try out this side hustle!

If you would like to find out more about other side hustles. be sure to check out this article on the 10 types of side hustle no one talks about in 2023.

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