Sorry Not Sorry. The World Needs to be Run by the Rich 🫤

man in black suit holding dollar bills

The poor hate the rich but never question how hard they work. Isn’t that an irony?

With the dollar weakening and people with assets becoming richer. It’s no wonder during economic downtimes that people don’t like the rich because it seems like nothing has happened to them even in times of crisis.

But financial crisis is not a rich person’s problem!

Difference Between the Rich and Poor

While you are complaining and eating that avocado toast, the rich spend most of their money during the down and up markets to buy assets. They understand the importance of taking in hardship in the earlier days and only spending the money when it is really necessary.

During tough times, the dollar may weaken but the asset will always remain strong. No matter what happens, people still need to get their necessities and pay for services.

That’s why companies like Walmart, Amazon, and Apple are evergreen products. You almost now need them for everything!

Look at Yourself!

Check yourself, kid! Do you have more dollar worth than your wallet? Is your outfit worth the price you are paying? If you stop working today, are there any assets paying for you?

Probably not!

Get the old-school asset and not any fancy crypto stuff! They worked for hundreds of years and they will in the future. Here’s what they are:

  • Real Estate
  • Stocks
  • Business

Each of these assets gets to pay you while you are not working. That’s the beauty of it!

Rich take Risk

The risk of what the rich are doing is betting on a brighter future. Jeff Bezos plans to have a better delivery system, and Elon Musk plans to make more electric vehicles around the world.

These businesses almost made the two now billionaire bankrupt but they are willing to put every dollar into the business because they understand where it will take them.

The risk of the poor is earning a dollar to survive and spending it all by the end of the month. The rich on the other hand hold cash to spend on assets for the future. You see, they care more about the world than themselves.

If the Rich is so Great? Why don’t they give money away?

The richest man ever to live on Earth; Mansa Musa the king of Mali once destroyed the entire economy of Egypt. He gave every poor person he saw gold.

Economia is the study of lack. You cannot run an economy with lacking because money could not flow. The diffusive movement of money from the rich to the poor and back is how an economy is run.

When every poor person in the world has everything they need, they wouldn’t be motivated to work. This mentality is what makes an economy go under.

Isn’t that Good?

Not everyone is fitted with the long-term mindset. Would you put in a dollar and wait 40 years for it to be $45.56? Probably not.

Why wait 40 years, that’s too long.

This is why the world needs to be run by the rich. Most of the richest people on earth plant seeds so that they can grow into trees they may never get to see. This better future will be enjoyed by the next generation. Some of the wealthiest people are putting their effort into it. They do that by contributing to reducing global warming, donating to causes to clean up our oceans, and ensuring wildlife is taken care of.

Elon Musk started SpaceX with the dream of spending people on Mars for intergalactic humanity so human civilization will survive if anything happens to Mars. He knew that he may never get to step foot on Mars but still wishes for our future generation to have a possibility of survival in the future.

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