The Best Way To Make A Small But Sure Income Online

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Before I start this article, I have to say that this is my opinion and If you think there is something better than this you should leave a comment about it.

I’ve heard in the book called “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco that “get rich quick” doesn’t exist. But you know what else I’ve heard? That getting rich doesn’t require half of your life. Today I will present you what I believe to be the fastest way to make money online in our world today!

The Best Way To Make Money EVER.

Again, this is my opinion, don’t jump on my neck to kill me If you disagree with my opinion on the best way to make a small but sure income online.

The best way to make money is to build an audience.

Yep, that’s it.

One of the most important things, If not the most important, is how many people you can reach.

Just think about how every single business works.

They study what people use already and what can be improved.

They create a product or a service to make their life easier or solve their problem.

Then they sell it to them.

The selling part is so, so important.

Now, don’t disregard the other steps, but there is a reason why sales are the best skill to possess.

Any business needs an advertising channel.

Be it Facebook Ads or Google Ads or Instagram Promos, and so on and so forth.

Let’s say you start an Instagram page around the niche your product is in.

You could make quality posts for free, connect with your audience and advertise your product there.

Or, you could advertise other businesses’ products, through affiliate marketing.

I have an article about affiliate marketing too, these two posts go along well, so I recommend you to read both.

Here is a link to it.

Affiliate Marketing: It isn’t what it seems!

Ok, now tell me, have you ever seen somebody with a good following, well known on the internet having money problems?

Because I don’t.

When you have the power to tap into a thousand, ten thousand, or heck, even millions of people with only a few buttons pressed, making money is a peace of cake.

You may be thinking “Cool I think I know what I’m about to do” or you may think “But how can I do it, I don’t know anything?”.

No matter where you find yourself I will tell you what I know and what I learned so far in growing your audience.

How To Grow Your Audience

First, let me tell you the basics.

I won’t go into details because you already know this and is getting a little annoying hearing the same stuff over and over again.

This is the list of the basics you need to know, use and never forget to stay on track and grow no matter your level:

  1. Quality content — you always need quality posts, otherwise, nobody will listen or look at what you offer.
  2. A niche to work in — be careful what you choose, this is important next.
  3. Products to sell/advertise — depending on your niche you can sell different things but never sell shitty stuff to your audience, they are like your children and follow you for a reason, what it is you name it.
  4. Regular posts — you can’t grow anything If you don’t have consistency, you need to pump in content for your followers, always.

Every single thing on this list is very important and you need all of them to succeed.

But you know this already so I will get to the juicer stuff.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, see what’s already working and give it your touch

Once every week or month, a specific type of content, a specific format or something get people’s attention.

I can’t figure out why but it happens.

Take for example the post I did with about 100 followers on Medium.

If you didn’t read it here is a link.

Why You Shouldn’t Use 100 Followers’ Posts To Grow Your Audience

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