The Most Profitable Writing Style that Experience Writers Don’t want you to Know

The most profitable writing style that experience writers don't want you to know

If you have chanced upon this article, lucky you! Because in this article, you will find out the easiest ways to make sure you can instantly create a profitable writing habit so that your content is 100 times easier to sell, how to break down your content, learn my SEO technique that works well with Google search engines, and end it off with a high conversation rate technique that I use me!

Step 1 — Story Building

Great! Now that you are hyped up about this writing style, I will break it all down to simplify it for you. The first step you need to work on is pushing your audience in the right direction.

Get who you need

8 out of 10 are going to view your content but only 2 out of 8 are going to read it. You need to decide who should be reading this content.

Get your title right! It’s okay to not have every reader read your article because you are looking for a higher conversation rate. Therefore, your title needs to capture the right audience.

Readers aren’t going to make you money(ads and MPP pay little), you make the most through affiliate and paid posts. Here are some small easy techniques you can start right away to increase readership and make more money.

20 Supposingly OBVIOUS Ways for your Content to Get more Readers and Make More Money: The Most Profitable Writing Style that Experience Writers Don’t want you to Know

Rule №1

So now I will be going through rule number one.

Know your product in the back of your head.

It’s pretty crazy how there are plenty of writers out there that are writing simply for the sake of writing and complain about not many enough income from it. Of course, you aren’t making any money!

You could be making an easy $5 commission from just recommending an affiliate you generally enjoy. Whereas if you are trying to make an income through ads or MPP, it going to take around 10 views to make probably $0.01. That means you need 5,000 views just for $5. You can survive with that!

Some writers don’t like to recommend affiliates because they are afraid to share a bad product or feel that they aren’t BIG yet. That ridiculous! As long as you enjoy what you share and constantly recommend it, readers are going to take notice and one day make that purchase.


If you want to promote an affiliate but don’t know where to start, you can sign up for ClickBank. They are for free and will provide you with over 10,000+ affiliate links for you to choose from and share. You could start by recommending something low costs such as an E-book or an online course. Those are easy to start selling!

Click the Image to join ClickBank


I’m sure almost everyone has heard of Amazon. They are the largest multi-technology company. One of their biggest money-maker is warehouse sales. That’s where you come in!

Amazon is always happy to have affiliate marketer promoting their products. Simply join as an affiliate marketer and fulfill an affiliate purchase every 6 months to keep your membership.

Step 2 — Creating Value

Now that you know how you can get started selling, the next step is learning to market yourself. You need to invest in your readers(yes pretty interesting right!).

Before you get all excited to make an income pushing out affiliates, you need to be generating enough value for your readers. That means researching to understand what readers are looking out for, what they need, and how you can value add to your writer.

People Care More about the Writer than the Story: The Most Profitable Writing Style that Experience Writers Don’t want you to Know

Read the article above to understand the power of story-telling and how it can influence your reader. Knowing how to write a proper story-telling to create an environment where it relates to the audience is a major game-changer.

Rule №2 — Proving Yourself

So you make $1,000 today, prove it!

The easiest way to instantly prove your value is by showing results. That’s the technique commonly used by most get-rich-quick users. NOT HEAR TO PROMOTE SUCH TOPICS.

The simplest way you can prove yourself is by showing yourself using the product itself. For example, I constantly share my pictures with dogs because I provide pet boarding service as a side hustle and recommend PetBacker for users to get started taking care of pets.

You don’t have to show off a huge amount of dollar bills or anything to recommend readers to click on your link. All you need is to follow rule №1 which is to know your product in the back of your head and execute rule №2 of proving yourself.

Step 3 — Provide a Solution

Now that you build a story and created value, that’s when your authority speaks volumes. Most likely if you have read all the way here, you want the SOLUTION.

The solution has to be something amazing that anyone can get started. In this case, I will be sharing the most profitable writing style that every writer needs to learn to get to the NEXT LEVEL is SEO writing.

“SEO Experts” are Lying to your Face About Ranking your Articles: The Most Profitable Writing Style that Experience Writers Don’t want you to Know

SEO writing is not something you can learn for free and translate into profitable writing. If you read the article above, you will find out the deep secret of why SEO writers are hiding this knowledge from you. The reason is simple, it’s as this title says, this is the most profitable writing style.

An average normal piece of response post(500 words) costs about $5 to $30. With SEO writing, you could easily charge $50 to over $100 per article(exactly 500 words). So once again, I highly recommend you to read the article above to understand how SEO writing works and learn how to use RankIQ.

Rule №3

Was step 3 which is to provide a solution helpfully? If not, here’s a reason why:

Your CTA must be something worth clicking onto

The writing above was intentionally meant to be long-winded. To close the deal with your writing, your links must be able to catch your reader’s attention.

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Photo Created by Canva Pro. Click on the Image to Buy me a Coffee

You could use this strategy that I use in my writing. Which is creating GIFs in my content to hint readers to click on it. If you want to find out other strategies to make readers click on your links. Check out the article below!

Adding this SIMPLE Trick could Easily make you a Better Writer: The Most Profitable Writing Style that Experience Writers Don’t want you to Know

You can also Remind your Readers

Photo created via Canva Pro

An easy way to end your article while trying to push them to get more information is to remind them about you!


Step 1 — Story Building for the Right Target

Rule №1 — Know your product in the back of your head

Step 2 — Create Value for the Target Audience

Rule №2 — Proving yourself

Step 3 — Provide the Solution

Rule №3 — Your CTA must be something worth clicking onto

Once again, if you found this content useful and valuable. Share it with others readers or support me by buying me a coffee by clicking on the image! Now level up yourself by creating the boost profitable writing you ever written!


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