Want To Be A Millionaire? Get a Job!

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When I was like 14 and saw the first Tik Tok about dropshipping I thought that I would want to be a millionaire within a year. It’s not hard to understand that I didn’t. I thought successful entrepreneurs never worked a day in their life. But I couldn’t be further from the truth.

Please don’t exit now and let me tell you something you probably haven’t heard before.

You Need A Job To Become A Millionaire.

You need a job to become a millionaire. Nobody can just see a video about dropshipping, POD, or SMMA and start being a multi-millionaire. The only case in which you don’t need to have a job is when you have enough money to lose on failed businesses until you succeed.

But, that doesn’t mean I will lose a lot of money?

Yes, maybe millions! I don’t know a single case of a person just starting a business and being successful without having some time he worked a job.

Now, I started drifting a little from the subject. Let me divide this section into 3 more, so you can see what I am trying to say.

1. You need money to start any business

Be it a phone so you can create photos or something else. Be it a pc so you can edit videos.

Anything needs an investment.

What’s the single best way to earn some money?

“Ask your parents for it?”

No, get a job. Unlikely a business, you can get a job If you have 0 experience in a field. And after you got it, you don’t have to worry about as many things as you would in a business. And you even get some advantages.

Let’s say you get a job at a car dealership or something that implies talking with people. You’ll develop communication skills and even sales If we consider the dealership example. You can learn how to run a business by having a job!

I mean, even Elon Musk said that drug dealers are better at business than most people. Don’t let that give you any ideas, please:)

There are a lot of rich people that figured there is a problem and decided to solve it. Where did they see the problem?

At their job.

I am sure you can name one of those millionaires.

2. You need knowledge in your field of work

Let’s say you want to start an online business that helps people get limo rides from the airport to their place.

You first need to see how it is to work inside a limo business, so you can understand better how things work.

You need to learn as much as you can, learn how to order limousines, how to send them to your customers, and much more.

Just like I said earlier, working a job can help you spot problems and you can take advantage of that.

Well, don’t think you can do just that, this was a strange example, and not the best, but it’s real.

The person who did this is MJ DeMarco, the author of two of the best books ever about how to become financially free.

Here is a post about them and some more.Here are his own words:

The limo job did something special; it put me at the forefront of an unsolved need that needed a solution.

Even though he wasn’t so far in life working as a limo driver he managed to make that a good thing.

I built a website that would solve this problem.

You can read the full article here.

3. If you can’t work in a job, you can’t run a business

So, let me put things into perspective.

When you are employed you need to follow some rules and do good work and you get paid.

When you are the one who employs people, you need to know what quality work means, how to legally manage everything, how to manage your money and much more.

Damn, If you can’t wake up in the morning for a job, how can you do it for a business that’s 10x harder?

You learn a lot from a job, even discipline, and If you want millions, you must be more disciplined than millions.

I also made a post about discipline, I’ll leave it here:)

Being an entrepreneur means lots of stress and work first, even for decades until a life you can live at your fullest.

You need to show and do the work even If you don’t see results.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was all I wanted to say in this blog post.

If I had to sum everything up in a phrase it would be something like this.

Starting a business without a single day worked in your life is a great mistake, you need to know everything from start to the end, even how it is to work for someone, because in the end, after you started your business, your first employee is you!

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