Why 99% of Finance Bloggers Fail on Google

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We live in a world where the digital age can hide or mask fake experts. All you need to do is patch up sophisticated branding about yourself (e.g. CEO of XYZ or Angel Investor of ABC). It’s no wonder there has been a huge increase in finance bloggers on the Internet. However, 99% of these finance bloggers are still

People love to talk about finances especially when they enter the workforce. Learning to make more money is always a sexy topic to talk about and write about. So of course I started noticing many bloggers sharing their “expertise” on finance.

Recently I went to check up on these “finance bloggers” and it turns out they are still working normal day jobs and not doing what they pitch on the Internet. Amazing!

Google Killed the Right People

I’m glad Google has an algorithm to detect these types of bloggers. BTW, they are called YMYL(Your Money or Your Life). Money is a sensitive issue for most people, and search engines understand that significance. 

Here are the types of YMYL niches you might want to avoid if you are looking to start a blog.

  • Medical advice
  • Financial advice
  • Legal topics
  • Parenting topics
  • E-commerce stores

You must commit more time to grow it

Now that’s not to say that Google doesn’t like to recommend YMYL content. It’s just that it takes a lot longer time to build trust and authority and most fake gurus just aren’t willing to commit the time to build authority in. 

How long you might ask?

Well, a safe bet is more than 16 to 24 months. Here’s why:

  • Google wants to see organic domain authority growth
  • Consistent daily content (if you aren’t posting daily on YMYL, don’t bother in this niche where companies are paying millions into it)
  • Real engagement with readers and on other social media platforms
  • Own a REAL business (that means having an office)
  • Have a good(over 2,000) referring domains and backlinks

Unless you can prove to Google that you have real authority such as having credible news coverage, going to multiple good viewership podcasts, or having a strong social media influence. Chances are if you aren’t able to do any of that, starting a finance blog is like shooting yourself in the foot.💀

HustleVentureSG Did It

I started my finance blog back in April 2022 and we recently broke over 10,000 visitors per month on our website. In order to break into the finance space, I had to use a different approach to enter into the most competitive market.

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Side Hustle

Of course, I’m no idiot to be challenging the giants in finance like the banks. I knew I had to use another approach to talk about finance, so I went into sharing about side hustle. And side hustle is a booming topical niche.

Google trend on Side Hustle

In order to build any authority on a certain page, Google looks at the first 7 content published on a page. That’s why I focused on writing important questionnaires that searchers are searching for.

In total, HustleVentureSG now covers over 6 different side hustle topics with over 100 writers on Medium supporting it by sharing their expertise as well. We plan to expand more once we have more content to share about.

Making HustleVentureSG legit

Let’s all agree that we have read or have seen multiple get-rich-quick stories. I’m still reading them on Medium to this day!😅

It’s exciting but in order to get ranked on Google, the business needs to have an already large readership/viewership.

HustleVentureSG weekly newsletter

At HustleVentureSG, we publish our newsletters to our readers/writers/supporters on our weekly growth of the business even just a tiny bit.

This small but important part of our business helped to create engagement and traffic to our website building more authority to it.

Taking Growth One Step at a Time

90% of businesses close down just after 1 year. It’s sad to see entrepreneur putting down their entrepreneurial spirit to take on the 9–5 grind even though they don’t enjoy it.

Starting any business is a risky endeavor and I truly respect anyone brave enough to challenge themselves. That’s why I believe entrepreneurs need to be slightly crazy. Yeah…

In order to get HustleVentureSG to grow in the most highly competitive space, I took the business one step further. Instead of following traditional norms of posting 1 content per day based on Hubspot. My business push for 4 content (all over 2,000 words) per day.

HustleVentureSG website growth

The result: Our website now has over 2,000 daily impressions and has grown over 2,400% month over month. We finally broke out of the YMYL trap that Google has set for us. What that means is that Google has built enough trust and authority in our business and is starting to share more of our content.

Sponsorships and Deals

sponsorship and deals
Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

It’s interesting to know that once we started to gain more authority in the niche, sponsorships and brand deals started happening.

Recently, I was even given the opportunity to be the Guest Speaker for Ahrefs on how to build authority in highly competitive niches. I hope I am able to close some big deals in that one!

If you are interested to learn more or even be part of the writing community, you can sign up here as a writer on HustleVentureSG.

If you are a business owner or looking for exposure in the personal finance and side hustle niche, be sure to reach out to my company by emailing us at [email protected]

Consistency is an Entrepreneurs Worst Nightmare

If you are not ready to post 1,000 pieces of quality content or more in order to outcompete your competition. Don’t bother joining the finance blog page.

As mentioned, being a finance blogger sounds sexy and all until you are forced to put hours of work into it. I spend 4~6 hours a day in order to build HustleVentureSG from scratch and now work on it full-time. In order to grow in the finance space, finance bloggers now need to work twice as hard in order to rank any finance content.

Was it tough? Hell yeah!

Was it worth it? Of course.

Did it help others? I wouldn’t be getting over 10,000 visitors if it didn’t.

If you are interested to learn more about blogging or get more authority in your business. Be sure to write in the comment section below and we will answer you. Or you can purchase our Guest Post service to get traffic to your website.

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