Why a $20 Side Hustle is Better Than Nothing

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Earning $20 a day — or even $20 a week — in your business may not seem like a lot.

You may question if the time and energy you’re investing in your business is even worth it.

And in most cases, it is. So this is your rallying cry to not stop, to not give in, but to forge ahead.

When I started my freelancing business on Fiverr nearly five years ago, I started my lowest copywriting packages at $5. It was a tough pill to swallow for a while, but I wanted to gain traction fast, and I did. Now I average hundreds of dollars per hour on each gig. In the beginning, there were days and even weeks when I only make $20. But I knew it was the start of something bigger. And we all have to start somewhere.

Having the right mindset is crucial at any point in your business, but when you’re just getting started and not making a lot of money, it’s even more critical to keep you moving forward.

Here are a few things to remember when you’re questioning whether your time investments are worth it at the beginning when you have little coming in.

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You’re miles ahead of millions of other people

So many people never get their ideas off the ground. They fear failure, what other people will think, and leaving their security behind.

If you launch a business that earns you any amount of money, it shows that you had an idea and you worked to bring it to life. And now you’re $5, $10, or $20 ahead of where you were before you started your journey. You’re also $20 ahead of the millions of people that never build up the courage to pursue their dreams out of fear. And that’s priceless.

You have a product or service people are willing to pay for

Sure, $20 probably isn’t going to help you quit your day job right now. But if you’re able to earn $20 a day or even a few times a week through your business venture, it’s evidence that you’ve built something that people find value in. Now it’s a matter of getting the word out to a broader audience to share your idea with the world. Here’s $1 million seen in 11 ways that you can get started and build confidence in yourself.

You build confidence in yourself

The feeling I had when I sold my first writing gig was incredible. Even though I knew I was a good writer and that I had the potential to excel at my copywriting business, it was still scary taking that first step. Knowing that someone was willing to pay any amount of money for my expertise helped me build the confidence necessary to grow my business and eventually turn it into my main source of income.

You foster a passion — while getting paid for it

Most people’s side hustles are centered around something they are passionate about. If this is your case, congratulations! That’s my situation. I’m passionate about writing. I get to write daily and improve my writing skills, and people pay me a lot for it. In the beginning, they paid me a little for it. But even making a little was exhilarating, and being compensated for something I was passionate about, and still am passionate about, was and is incredible.

Little by little, you can add to your financial security

$20 daily or even on a semi-regular basis can add to your financial security. Even making a $20 sale five times a month can give you an added $100 to save, pay off bills, or invest back into your business. That’s nothing to take for granted.

You build momentum for higher earning potential

Never discount the power of momentum. If you’re able to earn $5 or $20 through your business, you have the potential to earn more, whether that’s through selling more products or raising your prices. And when you earn those first dollars in business for yourself, it can be highly motivating and set the stage to build momentum that will carry you forward and grow your business in meaningful ways.

The very fact that you’ve started your business is worth celebrating. And when you earn those first dollars? Incredible! I hope you carry that feeling with you throughout your business and allow it to keep you focused on the good things to come. With every dollar you make, you’re one step closer to achieving your goals and transforming your side hustle into something that brings you meaning in so many ways, including financial meaning.

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