Why do Bloggers need to Master Multiple Skills?

Why Bloggers need to be a Master of Multiple Skills

When most people think of bloggers, the first thing that comes to mind is content writing. There is a lot of behind the scene work a blogger in the 21st century is doing. Nowadays, bloggers need to master multiple skills from learning to code, market their page, and social media outreach to web building.

Web Building Skills

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Behind the scenes, a blogger needs to learn how to create user-friendly interfaces that enable users to understand how to use complex technical products.

To make a webpage flow better, a proper first impression counts. Research shows that online viewer takes 5 seconds of decision-making before moving to the next one. Therefore, a blogger needs to know how he/she can capture the viewer’s attention on the website.

Marketing Knowledge

Creating content does not instantly make you an income. You need to get traffic, which is for people to start reading your content. To do this, bloggers must be good at marketing themselves.

To increase their webpage outreach, they may need to use Ads from Google, Facebook, or Youtube to reach more people.

Secondly, they can use Social Media Giveaways as a way to increase followers and build a community on their social platforms.

Lastly, the best way I found to build a strong community for your website is email marketing. My trick to bringing more people to subscribe is by giving discounts for products or letting them have the opportunity to stay updated on important updates.

By building stronger traffic to your website, you will be able to gain more ad revenue. In turn, great for your business!

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Content Writing Skills

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These days, simply writing content will not get you traffic from Google. Google is looking for content that has good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMO (Social Media Optimisation).

What that means is Google is looking for content that users are looking for. Which are usually how-to or Q&A topics that can help solve an issue.


The most underrated skill most bloggers do not focus on is money management. Starting a blogging business is not cheap. Having a Professional WordPress website, Domain name, and maybe a few Fiverr services to build your website, and social media marketing tools can be quite expensive.

To be a successful blogger, having proper money management skills is important as bloggers do not make a lot of money in the first 2 years.

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How to make your Workflow Smoother

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Posting regularly is the key to blogging traffic to the website. As a blogger, you will need to learn how to manage the workflow so that it is more streamlined. Having software to help ease your workload is critical. Here are some apps I use to increase my work productivity.

Canva ~ To create photos and content pages for my websites.

TailWind – To schedule and post all my content to Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram

QuilBot – To phrase my content so that it can be read better

Benefits of Learning Mulitple Skills

A blogging business is all about value-adding to the audience, or else no one would be looking through your content right? By having multiple skills, bloggers need to be able to properly monetize what they learn in their blogs. For example, a blogger who specializes in creating online businesses can share his/her best way to make money online.

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