Why Letting Go Doesn’t Always Mean Giving Up

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Author: Christine Bernard

I’m about to let go of a job that takes up a great deal of my time. A job I rely on to make money each month. Also a job I do not enjoy. Is it stupid to give up a job that’s bringing in much-needed cash? Sometimes. Not always. Here’s what it means to me:

Why I’m letting go of a job that brings me money

Here’s the thing. I do a lot of different jobs. I’m an author and a freelance writer. I even illustrate on the side and sell posters. When you work for yourself you understand the value of multiple streams of income, and you know how easy it can be to lose a client or job.

Just because you get a lot of work from one client, doesn’t mean they’re going to need you forever. You’re not contracted to them the way you are when you work full-time for a company. So having other jobs to fall back on is important.

However, it’s also easy to get stuck doing work for someone that might have enjoyed once, but no longer do. Or to be stuck, as I am, doing a job for too little money.

Freelancing FTW

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When I first started in the freelancing world, I wasn’t that versed in how to value my work, and it was easy to take on any job that came my way. Over the years, I have seen my worth, and believe I deserve to be paid for my hard work.

But there’s a client I have been stuck with for a long time — the work doesn’t pay well, but the work is consistent. I know that clients will keep sending me work, and I continue to say yes to it because it makes me feel a little bit more secure each month. But the money isn’t good, and the work takes longer. So all it’s doing is taking up my time when I could be looking for better-paying work. Sure, I’ve upped the amount, but it’s still relatively low. And when you start off low, it’s hard to get it up by much.

So I’m letting him go. It’s scary, but it feels like an important time to do it. It’s time to take myself more seriously and to free my time up for better-paying jobs.

And quite frankly, it’s time to show this client that I’m worth more.

We are what we believe we are.

C.S. Lewis

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