7 Reasons Why You Are Still Not Making Money Online (Yet)

7 Reasons Why You Are Still Not Making Money Online (Yet)

There is a big difference between starting your business and starting to make money. Well, today I want to explain to you the 7 reasons why some businesses are not making money online while others could be making over $10,000.

Is the Stress of not making money Online getting to you?

As a business owner, it gets really stressful when you’re making money, especially if months have gone by. Here are a few key reasons why:

1)  You are still waiting to make money overnight

TV gif. Chris O'Dowd as Seán in Moone Boy sits on a front step beside an old suitcase and looks down at his watch in exasperation.

We are here. We are talking about online business. We are talking about money. So don’t take me with spells like — “I know I won’t make money the next day”. Even if you say this, even if you repeat this in your mind, you still think that it will be so.

You “suffer” for 1–2 weeks. If it goes well. If it doesn’t work — “oh what a fool I am.” Wow, what a thorn I got!”. It’s not really like that. Money is not made overnight.

And even if they do. Even if you win the lottery. I bet my entire fortune that in 2 years you will have less money than you have now.

But that’s not the point. We’re coming back.

It’s hard to work on something and not expect an immediate reward. IS VERY DIFFICULT! I tell you about my own experience.

Once you get past that, you’re one step closer to the $1,000.

2) You chose perfection over evolution

I know at least 10 important people from the “online world”. Very well known. But who makes EXTREMELY little money?

The reason is simple — they know it too. He gets bogged down in the details.

The world is a place of evolution, not perfection.

Your business will never be perfect. NEVER! There will always be errors. There will always be unforeseen things.

You can’t do them all and you can’t automate everything 100%.

Whoever believes this is quite naive.

I know someone who has been working on a project for a year and a half. All this time he did not take a single penny out of it. He says he wants to be perfect. Always modifying. Always correct. He is eternally dissatisfied.

All the while others are having fun on exotic islands and earning tens of thousands of $$$ monthly.

From projects that they didn’t give 10 years of their lives to do.

A friend had a saying — “Just Let It Go”. Or “Just Do It”.

Simply — DO IT! Stop analyzing. You overanalyze. We are no longer at school to extract epithets from Luceafărul. Or let’s analyze the relationship between the emperor’s daughter and the star. To come to the same stupid conclusion — it’s just an impossible love story.

Video gif. A man closes his eyes and clicks his tongue and then looks at us with wide eyes and a mouse-like smile. He says, “Noice.”

This is real life. And I have news for you — real life doesn’t wait for anyone. He doesn’t give tests. It gives trouble. He doesn’t give grades. It gives poverty if you waste time.

It’s good to keep up and it’s good to focus only on the important details.

For example on the Internet:

– the design of a website — it’s not that important and it’s not a priority

– knowing how to get traffic and getting traffic — is very important

– to know how to sell, or how to put your ads on the website — very important

In addition, some people keep complaining.. “woe. I haven’t won anything so far.. wow..”. Oh, let me go.

What have you done so far to earn money? Take a sheet and write. don’t tell me

See which of those things fall into perfection and which in evolution.

Perfection — NOT good at all.

Evolution — $$$$$$$

3)  You believe in the magic

Nothing is done without work. Absolutely NOTHING!

It’s just that… that work can be harder or easier. Depending on the things you know.

Let’s take it this way…

It’s easier to make a website if you know how to install WordPress on a domain.

It’s easier to sell affiliate products if you know how to drive traffic.

It’s easier to make $$$ if you know how to have a profitable website.

Nothing in life worth having comes easy. A lesson you don’t learn at school. Remember.

Your problems won’t go away that easily. And the interesting part is that once you start making more money, much bigger problems will come.

Only then you will have learned to “manage” them. Or at least I hope so.

If you go out into the street — you will choose the picture on the cover of Adevărul. But not to make money!

If you curse Băse — you will get a smile from the people. But not to make money!

If you complain that you don’t have money — your neighbors will agree with you. But don’t make more!

If you complain that life is hard — 95% of the unemployed will join you. But you will NOT make money!

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I trust that you will achieve something before it is too late.

Life is hard. Let’s go there. Focus on the SOLUTION, not the problem.

It’s the same on the internet.

Are you not making money? See why.

How many visitors do you have per day? Don’t know how to get them? I’m studying now.

How much content do you publish on the site? Organize yourself to put more content.

Do you have visitors but can’t earn money?

4) You think money is falling from the sky

I want to tell you about a very funny phase. A few months ago a guy approached me by email. He asked me the following question — “after I buy your book, does the money enter my account the next day?”

I was amused. And it gave me something to think about. People still believe that money falls from the sky. Or they grow on fences, that saying.

If you look more closely in the Google Keyword Tool (as I have shown you how to use it in previous articles), you will see at the top of Google searches, for “money”, keywords like — “how to give on the internet”, “how to make money”, “how to make money fast”, “how to make money easily”, “how to make money without doing anything”, “money from money” and so on.

That’s why you see people taking to the streets every day on TV. That’s why you see Japanese students on strike.

Money doesn’t come easily when you don’t know how to make it. Money does NOT fall from the sky, just because mommy and daddy spoiled you when you were little.

You need a clear vision.

You want $1,000.

You need the knowledge to do them.

Did you choose the Internet? Very good. I already told you what the 4 big types of online business are. Now all that remains is to learn what everyone eats with and you know how to make money.

A lot of people say that I speak too vaguely sometimes. But what they don’t know is that these things helped me get to where I am. And I bet what you want that they stop you from getting where you want.

5) You lack focus and discipline

I know, it’s hard to divide yourself into 10 every day. Maybe a job, maybe college. Family. You need money. You don’t know how to do it. You try every possible thing, but you don’t focus on anything.

Wrong. Someone said — success is not a part-time job. Success involves dedication. I know everything I’m telling you now sounds like personal development.

Well, it’s more than that. It is the way to secure income from online businesses and not only that.

1. Why is it good to have focus?

I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again — if you start 10 castles, you won’t finish any of them. If you start one alone, you will finish it very quickly. I told you in the article “How to Become an Expert in internet marketing” that it is good to choose a field in which to be an expert.

Well, everything goes to another level — not only the field you choose but also the things you do.

How do you expect to make money online if all you did today was watch a movie or read something online?

How do you expect to get visitors to your site if all you did was drink your morning coffee and then go out on the town?

How do you expect to earn thousands of $$$ monthly from the internet if you can’t focus on one thing?

When you start something, finish it.

2. Why is it good to have discipline?

Not that there is any need for further discussion here. But I’m telling you anyway. The whole discipline thing is not to overdo it. Your plans should be as flexible as possible, but not so flexible that you find yourself doing nothing all day.

My mentor once told me — “Andrei, success comes when you have focus and discipline. A focus greater than a racehorse. And discipline is taken to the extreme. Not so much that it causes you health problems. But enough to say at the end of the day — tomorrow I’m taking a trip to the Dominican Republic. Because I can afford it.”

6)  You don’t know how to work in a team

I have news for you. NO ONE made it on their own. All great achievements are behind the work of a team. Boxing champions have a whole team behind them to help them. The same with money on the net.

Don’t know how to bring visitors? Associate with someone who knows.

Don’t you know how to sell? Partner with someone who knows how to sell!

Don’t know how to make a website? Find someone who knows how to make one.

And remember — it’s important to bring value if you want value in return. I receive dozens of collaboration proposals every month. But none that piqued my interest.

That’s because I already have everything I need.

Don’t know how to find such people? Simple — enter the Money Secret Forum and ask there.

7) You don’t get anything done

It is perhaps the most important thing of all. And now, I sit and think. At the time when I started an online business, I didn’t know about these things. I paid with hard years of my life to figure it out.

So be careful.

The essential moment for any man who wants to win something — either money, a prize, or a loved one… is the end. Why do you think athletes run as long as they run and then sprint at the end?

Most people try things, then eventually give up. How many times have you been on the verge of success but you gave up?

Yes. Money on the net. Know. I bet you were 1 step away from making good money online. And? You gave up. Or you started something else.


Sometimes I feel like people don’t want to earn money. And with that I said everything.

Most people who do not make money from the Internet would give anything to make $10,000 now than to earn $1,500 every month for 2 years.

Most prefer to work for a fixed “price”. Then a percentage of the profit.

They think in the short term and that costs them.

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