2/2/2/2 Fortune Miner Strategy

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Here’s a strategy to earn more with miner

So I have been pretty active in The Fortune Miner & have noticed a few things that have made me reevaluate my fortune miner strategies with this project, at least for the short term. You may have read about my 0/1/2 strategy.

In this article, we will talk about another strategy that might work pretty well for this miner.

I call it the 2/2/2/2 strategy.

Well, it seems that I need to tweak my current strategy a bit, to keep my earnings up, compared with the miner inflation.

Since my writing, my 0/1/2 strategy, the miner TVL has gone down from 693.44 BNB to 569.42 BNB, roughly 17.99%. This change in the TVL equals a change in earnings, down around 23.75%. Yet, the minimum to invest has stayed the same, at 0.05 BNB.

This means that I need to change the way I’m doing things in this project so that I can keep reinvesting/ growing my position.

Here are my withdraws, in TFM#1, since 4/5/23:

  • 4/5/23–0.0282 BNB ($8.79)
  • 4/8/23–0.02 BNB ($6.22)
  • 4/12/23–0.0247 BNB ($7.86)
  • 4/15/23–0.0245 BNB ($8.15)
  • 4/19/22–0.0215 BNB ($7.02)

The minimum to reinvest is 0.05 BNB ($15.98).

As you can see, even if I wait & only reinvest after every other withdrawal then it still would not equal 0.05 BNB. It would fall $1-$2 short.

I’ve been analyzing different parts of my investing with this miner. It seems that my compounding amounts have started going down as well.

Here are my compounding amounts, since 4/5/23:

  • 4/7/23–0.0153 BNB ($4.75)
  • 4/10/23–0.0213 BNB ($6.66)
  • 4/13/23–0.0144 BNB ($4.65)
  • 4/17/23–0.0168 BNB ($4.17)

If I can increase my compounding amounts & let my earnings max out then I should be able to withdraw enough to reinvest 0.05 BNB back into the miner. My compounding amounts are smaller than I withdraw amounts because I have been waiting for 24hrs between compounds.

So I need a small boost, to keep reinvesting into this miner. Thus, the need to change my strategy…again.

What is this 2/2/2/2 strategy?

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Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Increasing the amount that I compound should increase my TVL in this miner higher, fighting inflation, which should also increase my withdrawal amounts.

I need larger compound amounts…this means waiting longer between compounds.

So here’s how this strategy will work.

  1. Invest/ reinvest into the miner.
  2. Wait for 48hrs. (This is the first #2 in the 2/2/2/2 strategy).
  3. Compound earnings back into the miner.
  4. Wait for another 48hrs. (This is the second #2)
  5. Withdraw earnings from the miner.
  6. Wait for another 48hrs. (This is the third #2)
  7. Compound earnings again.
  8. Wait for another 48hrs. (This is the fourth #2)
  9. Withdraw earnings from the miner.
  10. Reinvest back into the miner, starting this cycle over again.

Each 48hrs wait time equals 2 days. This strategy has 4 48hr wait times. This equals 2/2/2/2.

Basically, I’ll reinvest, compound, & withdraw twice (waiting for 48hrs between each action).

Pros & Cons

So with any change, there are going to be pros & cons.

Let’s start with the Cons of this strategy.


  • Because there are so many 48hr wait times, this means that there will only be 1 withdrawal per week with this strategy. (There may be weeks with 2 withdraws depending on when the first withdrawal happens.)
  • Also, It will take approximately 4 days to wait time, on the first withdrawal, & 2 days to wait time, on the second withdrawal.
  • Reinvesting into this miner will only happen after 2 consecutive withdraws. So there will only be 1 time to reinvest into this miner per week.

Now with the Pros:

  • Waiting for 48hrs before taking action increases the amount earned.
  • This will increase my compounding amount by almost double.
  • Only reinvesting after 2 withdraws will help increase my ROI & what I keep from this project.

In Summary

I need to increase my withdrawal amounts. One way to do that is to increase my compound amounts.

Since they have a built-in 48hrs timer on compounds & withdraws, then I can use that to help increase my earnings.

Increasing my compound amounts will increase my withdrawal amounts & help fight inflation in this miner.

Also, in case you would like to join me in this project here are my referral links to both of my accounts.

  • TFM#1 — Click here to join my first account in this project.
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Both accounts are good & will be doing this strategy to help increase my earnings.

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