5 Types of People you Absolutely Need in any Startup Business

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I have worked in three startups since I started at 21. Being in these companies, I notice that if a company wishes to become successful, they need to have 5 different types of people working in the company.

Every Business needs to Nail these 5 People

These 5 people have a different objectives in the company but their main goal ultimately is to grow the company. Here are their goals!

The Visionary

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I can see this company making millions easily!

Companies need leaders who can show others the dream of what their hard work can produce. Whether it is finding more customers, getting the brand out, or motivating employees.

All entrepreneur need to be a visionary.

Having a visionary in a business is important because they can see and articulate a long-term vision for the company, and inspire and motivate others to work towards that vision.

A visionary leader is someone who can look beyond the immediate challenges and obstacles and see the bigger picture. They can anticipate trends and changes in the market and are willing to take calculated risks to achieve their goals.

Having a visionary leader can provide a sense of direction and purpose for the company, and can help align the efforts of employees toward achieving a common goal. They can also help to differentiate the company from its competitors by creating a unique identity and positioning in the market.

Moreover, a visionary leader can create a culture of innovation and creativity within the organization. They can inspire employees to think outside the box and come up with new ideas and solutions, which can lead to growth and success for the company.


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When a company is growing fast, we’ll often find cracks and damages along the way, that’s why a fixer is important.

A fixer is someone with the capability or expertise to fix issues that a growing business has. Whether it is a content writer for a newsletter company, a data analytic specialist that looks into the company’s data, or a financial advisor that supports people with their finances.

Every company needs to quickly get a reliable fixer. While there may not be issues every time. You can at least count on them when an issue arises.

The Artist

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An artist is someone who can package your work and make it sellable. Much like a designer’s bag, funky-looking shoes, or a nice coat. An artist is someone who can make a product sells.

They are the ones that will keep pushing the boundaries of creativity to ensure that a business can sell its product well. Doesn’t have to be an artist’s product, it could be a well-written service that elaborates the description of what the job does.

In this Internet age, chances are that we check out a business page first rather than buying a product. That is why having an artist on the team is probably the first line of defense against customers.

The hacker

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Similar to a fixer, a hacker is someone who can think deeply about a problem or understand how to support the business better. They are the analytical minds behind a business. Planning a safe path for a business to go to.

This job typically works for hand—in—hand with the visionary. The difference is, the hacker gives a realistic approach to a visionary to set proper expectations and boundaries in a business.

You need this guys.

The problem with a hacker is they are not fully understood. Most businesses think of them as a downer, constantly throwing mud at a business. That is simply not the case.

Hackers are probably the best person a visionary needs to make sure his dream can be set into reality. Good hackers these days don’t come cheap, they are in a role of consultation, they have amassed experience in a specialized field, and usually aren’t willing to give away their expertise that easily.

So if your business can grow a hacker, appreciate their effort and take their criticism as a learning opportunity.

The Closer

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Probably the one that everyone thinks about is the closer. Having a closer in a business is important because they are responsible for finalizing deals and securing sales.

A closer is typically a skilled salesperson who can understand a customer’s needs, address any concerns or objections they may have, and persuade them to make a purchase. They have a deep understanding of the product or service being sold and can communicate their value proposition effectively to the customer.

Without a closer, a business may struggle to close deals and generate revenue. Even if the business has a great product or service, it may not be able to reach its full potential without someone who can effectively close sales.

Draw your Pentagon

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Now that you know the 5 types of people needed in a business. Ask yourself which one of them you lean closer to and which one of them you are weak in. That’s where a company will need to focus in bringing the right types of people into the business!

And the next question you should ask yourself is who do I need to improve my pentagon? Do you need closer in a business or do you need more analytical minds to think for the business? If you can maximize the size of the pentagon with the right types of people, then your business will truly thrive and succeed.

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