Amazon Ads for Books to make more Money

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My $14,430.33 Journey made me near 6-figures

When I look back at my journey with Amazon ads, I never would have expected to learn these three valuable lessons so quickly. Despite having dabbled in Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest ads, it was Amazon ads for books that truly amazed me.

Having primarily focused on advertising my KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) books on Amazon. I decided to share my insights after spending a staggering $14,430.33 on the Amazon Ads platform in 16 months.

It’s remarkable how little-known this secret seems to be. After 16 months of immersing myself in this endeavor, I was taken aback by how incredible Amazon ads are. I vividly recall coaching someone recently, witnessing the awe in their eyes and the drop of their jaw as they experienced their own “aha” moments.

It was at that point I realized I needed to share these three things to empower others to harness the power of Amazon ads.

My journey with ads began in January 2022, when I ventured into the world of self-education. I embarked on numerous courses and watched countless YouTube videos, some of which proved helpful, while others fell short.

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What are the Strategies that I use

Along the way, I diligently documented and recorded the strategies I employed. Eventually compiling around 18 effective techniques into a comprehensive course.

However, for this article, I want to focus on three key lessons that contributed significantly to my success with Amazon KDP ads.

Goldmine Keywords

First and foremost, I discovered a treasure trove of new keywords through running ads. These keywords played a pivotal role in expanding my portfolio of low-content, medium-content, and high-content books. While tools like BookBeam, Publisher Rocket, Book Bolt, and Self-Publishing Titans had their place, some of my most fruitful keywords emerged from my ad campaigns. And do you know why? The data tells you exactly the phrase the customer types in before they buy your book!

Polarize data

I learned what my customers didn’t want. The beauty of this revelation lay in Amazon’s algorithm, which possesses a deeper understanding of customers than we could ever hope to achieve. If you’ve ever felt lost in the labyrinth of Amazon’s marketplace, chances are you haven’t been leveraging the power of ads. Trusting in the algorithm and its insights has been a game-changer for me. I can see the books that Amazon presents to my customers. When the customer doesn’t buy, I have the opportunity to do “negative targeting”

Simplify & Scale

Amazon ads provided me with the ability to scale my publishing business in ways I couldn’t have achieved organically. This newfound capacity has had a profound impact on this passive income stream. In fact, it has become the make-or-break factor for me. The substantial difference it has made is beyond words, and I struggle to envision what my income stream would look like without the influence of ads.

Want to Learn More?

In conclusion, my journey with Amazon ads for books has been eye-opening, humbling, and tremendously rewarding. I am grateful for the invaluable lessons I’ve learned through this experience, and I look forward to sharing them with fellow authors and low-content publishers.

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