Battle of the Miners (BNB vs TFM)

If you have been investing in the Crypto Defi space for very long then you may have heard of the BNB Miner and/or The Fortune Miner. In this article, we will compare these 2 Dapp miners. We will go over the pros & cons of each miner & take a look at some upcoming features that may be happening in the near future for these miners.

How a Dapp miner works

In most Dapp miners, you invest a certain amount of funds. These funds are usually “locked” & can not be withdrawn. You will then earn a certain percentage of your investment back over a certain amount of time. This percentage is usually variable & changes according to how much money is in the contract, compared to your position in the contract.

Your investment into these types of Dapps usually buys you a certain amount of “miners”. Think of these like little coins within the Dapp & the total contract balance (Called Total Value Locked (TVL)) like its own little market inside the contract. The value &earning capacity of these “miners” changes constantly.

The more miners you have then the more you can earn. The lower the contract balance the more miners you can purchase because their value has gone down with the contract balance. As the contract balance goes up, then the value (&earning potential) of the miners go up as well.

The goal is to purchase as many miners as possible, which will increase your earning potential. This way you can earn back your investment & more!

Step-by-Step Guide to Start

Usually, these types of Dapps allow you to interact with the miner in a few ways. You can invest, compound, withdraw, & reinvest.

  1. Invest — Putting funds into the miner.
  2. Compounding — rolling the amount you have earned back into the miner, thus increasing your earning potential & position within the contract.
  3. Withdrawing — Removing the amount you have earned from the miner & depositing it into your crypto wallet.
  4. Reinvesting — Investing more funds into the miner in order to improve your earning potential & position within the contract.

Any, and all, of these activities, affect your earnings & earning potential. You can learn more about how miners work in the video below. This video also talks about other projects within the Fortune Hunters ecosystem but the concepts in the video can be used in any Dapp miner as well.

(Beware! This can be a very risky type of investment. It can also be a very high-earning investment. Invest at your own risk. DO NOT INVEST MORE THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE!)

With that being said, now let’s take a look at these 2 Dapp miners.

BNB Miner

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BNB Miner Core Screenshot from

Let’s take a look at the BNB Miner Dapp.

The BNB Miner works with the Binance coin (BNB). You earn a variable rate of around 3% daily off of your investment. Your investment is locked & can not be withdrawn. The goal is to earn back what you have invested plus more.

This miner just celebrated its 2 years (730 days) anniversary!


Here is a list of specs for this miner:

  • There is no minimum required amount in order to invest.
  • There is no minimum about of time required between compounds or withdraws.
  • Earn a variable 3% daily & 10% from referrals.
  • The Developers (Devs) suggest a strategy of compounding as often as possible, to maintain your earning potential. (I follow a different strategy for this miner that has worked out pretty good for me so far.)
  • They are looking at launching more projects that will work along side this miner. This will become its own ecosystem!
  • There is a nifty little “your stats” button that can show you what your personal TVL is in the miner & what your earning potential may be as well.
  • There is also a members video on the site that goes over some of the aspects of the miner.
  • The Devs have Lightning Round contests within the Miner’s Telegram channels. Winning these contests will refund you back your gas fees associated with investing during the contest. this is the only incentive to compound & reinvest into this miner.
  • Earnings are paid from within the contract. No other outside earnings at this time.
  • Current contract balance at this time of writing is around 1069 BNB ($348,367.82) This contract has already had 2 peaks in the TVL balance & there has been talks about a third peak coming up.

As you can see The BNB Miner has a lot going for it!

The Fortune Miner (TFM)

The Fortune Miner homepage Screenshot from

Just like the BNB Miner, above, this miner uses the BNB token.

It also has a variable rate of 3.33% daily earned.

This miner is very young & was just launched on 2/23/23, 1 month ago.


Here is a list of specs for this miner:

  • 0.05 BNB minimum required to invest in the miner.
  • Must wait for at least 24hrs after investing to compound earnings. Must wait for at least another 24hrs after compounding before withdrawing, or pay a 90% tax on the withdrawal.
  • Earn a variable of 3.33% daily & 1% from referrals.
  • The Developers suggest the following strategy with this miner: 1. Invest 2. Compound 3. Withdraw 4. Reinvest back into the miner & repeat the process over & over again. (I’m still tweaking my strategy with this miner. I’ll probably write about it in another article.)
  • There is also a compound bonus for each time you compound between withdraws. This can be up to 10% extra in miners.
  • This project is already inside The Fortune Hunters ecosystem.
  • They list your current stats (Real deposits, Total deposits, amount withdrawn, etc.) on the same page as the miner.
  • The miner video above is from one of the Fortune Hunters team members.
  • There is also a daily lottery function built into this miner. The highest daily deposit & a random wallet win the lottery every day. You can increase your chances of winning by the number of tickets you get if you deposit anything above 0.01 BNB (~$3.26).
  • Investments are used in syrup pools & other projects to produce higher earnings to assist with paying users their earnings.
  • The current contract balance at the time of this writing is around 1793.83 BNB ($581,047.55).

As you can see The Fortune Miner has a lot going for it as well.

In Summary

Here is a quick summary of the differences between each of these miners.

  • Both use BNB tokens as investments
  • No minimum investment with BNB Miner. 0.05 BNB minimum with TFM.
  • Earn 3% daily & 10% from referrals with BNB Miner. Earn 3.33% daily & 1% from referrals with TFM.
  • No required compounds or wait times with BNB Miner. TFM requires 1 investment & 1 compound, separated by at least 24hrs before withdrawing or else paying 90% tax.
  • No compound bonus in BNB miner. Up to 10% compound bonus in TFM.
  • BNB Miner is launching its own ecosystem very soon. TFM is already part of a growing ecosystem.
  • BNB Miner has lightning rounds to encourage compounding/ investing. TFM has a daily lottery system to encourage investing.
  • BNB Miner uses funds directly from the contract to fund user withdraws. TFM uses funds from the contract & from syrup pools outside of the miner contract to fund withdraws.
  • BNB Miner is 2 years old. TFM is 1 month old.
  • BNB Miner current TVL: 1069 BNB. TFM current TVL: 1793 BNB.

As you can see both miners have great things going for them!

I understand if it is a hard decision choosing which one would be the best to join.

You could join both of them like I have…

What about me?

I joined BNB miner back last May. Over time I have invested $845.71 & have withdrawn $988.24. This puts me at 116.85329% return on my investment (ROI). My ROI in this miner is going down slightly over time because of the biweekly reinvestments I’m doing. (I may need to tweak my investments into this miner so more.)

I joined TFM on 2/24/23. So I’ve been in it for about around a month. I have 2 accounts (TFM#1 & TFM#2). In TFM#1, over time, I have invested $409.78 & have withdrawn $75.29. This puts me at 18.37% ROI in TFM#1. In TFM#2, over time, I have invested $302.60 & have withdrawn $65.18. This puts me at 21.53% ROI in TFM#2. In total I have invested $712.38 & have withdrawn $140.47. This puts me at 19.71% ROI so far. My ROI is slowly coming up over time in this miner.

Both Miners are performing as expected. I am just heavier invested & building up my TFM accounts, which gives me a lower ROI at the moment.

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