Can Pet Boarding be a Full-time Job?

Edmund with his dog

Taking care of pets while making money for it is probably one of the most exciting and interesting ways to be making money. With remote working become increasingly popular, it’s no wonder pet boarding service provider has been increasing.

Yes anyone can do it!

It may surprise you that you don’t need a license to take care of pets unless you are doing it for grooming, training, and transporting them. But if you are interested to get these licenses, you can expect to be paid more as a service provider.

Why I love this Side Hustle

Many of you guys who follow me know that I am a digital nomad, I work almost every day at home. Working 8~12 hours a day at home can be draining to one’s soul. Seriously!

What better way to enjoy work than having a pet to take care of?

It forces me to go out of the house every 3~4 hours for a walk and I get to exercise as well. I guess that’s a win for me!

How Much I Make From Pet Boarding

Here are my rates for the services I provide:

  • Pet walk~ $20/hr
  • Pet sitting~ $50/session
  • Pet Daycare~ $40/session
  • Pet Boarding~ $55/day

Overall, I would have at least 1 or 2 pets at my home every day which makes me around $80~110 per day or $2,400 per month. Not bad for a side hustle if you ask me but not a full-time income.

If you are good enough or have experience in taking care of pets, I have seen better pet carers charging way higher prices for their service. It’s crazy to me how many clients they are receiving since many owners treat their pets as their children and are willing to spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars.

Here are the potential upwards earnings you can be made:

  • Pet walk~ $50/hr
  • Pet sitting~ $110/session
  • Pet Daycare~ $80/session
  • Pet Boarding~ $200/day

Based on that amount, a full month’s worth of pet boarding service is equal to $6,000 earning a month just for 1 pet a day. That’s insane!

Where can I Sign Up?

There are many platforms to start taking care of pets but the one I enjoy using is PetBacker. The app has daily customers and all you have to do is sent your quoted price. You can join me as a Petbacker by clicking on the link!

But before you get started on this side hustle. If you want a full in-depth teaching of what to take note of when starting this side hustle. You can check it what I have learned working as a pet boarder over the past 3 years below.

I want to know more about Side Hustle!

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