Debunking Top 5 Myths of being a Full-time Content Writer

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Let’s Get the Truth Out

I hate marketers on Youtube trying to fluff their way to success. The writing industry has been polluted by the online get-rich-quick mindset which many Gen Z and earlier generations are now polluted by. The younger generation now feels the need for better privileges while working for a company. Working any job in whatever industry will never be get-rich-quick and many workers that are new to the workforce will soon be humbled by it. That’s why this article plans to debunk the myth about being a full-time content writer.

Oh, just do this simple step. BOOM! Millionaire status!

It’s no wonder no one likes to learn more about a particular side hustle or starting a business anymore. It’s tough work and 90% of people give up in just under a year.

Similar to content writing, it is not a get-rich. It takes years of practice to perfect your style of content writing. And I believe a straightforward approach would help to save future writers the trouble and understand the skills needed to become a top writers.

Myth #1: Just Write

I must say as a writer writing for over 2 years now, content writing isn’t as simple as just writing. If you do that, you aren’t any different from ChatGPT’s writing.

In this new era of writing, you need to have specialization when it comes to content writing. You could either master SEO, copywriting, social media marketing, or Youtube script.

ChatGPT has drastically weed off poor writers and increased the value of experienced and seasoned writers. So if you plan on becoming a writer, don’t just write, learn a form of writing that pays well.

Myth #2: All you need is to write 1 content daily

If you plan on producing 1 content per day. That’s not enough unless you are doing SEO writing. Here’s why:

  • Copywriting typically is a one-time thing for many businesses
  • Businesses are constantly fighting for the top spot on Google’s ranking
  • Paid well to write more. That’s why some SEO writers make over $100 per 500 articles. That’s $1 for every 5 words!
  • No one writing skill pays higher than SEO writing
  • To maximize the chances of having an article rank page one. Writers may have to write a similar topic to increase the odds of getting an article on page one.

Anyway, if you need an SEO tool, I use RankIQ. Which in my opinion is the best SEO tool out of all the other tools for beginners just starting SEO writing.

They are relatively low cost as compared to the other tools out there and they provide an easy step-by-step guide on how you should write the article. Which increases the likely odds of you getting to page one.

RankIQ – The AI-Powered SEO Toolset for Bloggers

To become a professional SEO writer, you need to be able to push for 3~5 articles per day. Which is difficult for most writers since they are heavily dependent on getting inspired. This brings my third point.

Myth #3: Write what you like

Writing what you like is probably one of the worst pieces of advice out there. If you plan on being a content writer, you need to have a wide array of available topics to write about to provide value to your customers and readers.

My approach to finding a topic largely depended on how much I could potentially earn. Back in 2021, it was all about writing for crypto firms and small startups. Now, it is all about traveling.

If you plan on being a content writer, learn to write what the market is looking out for.

Myth #4: You don’t need a lot to get started

That is so not true!

If you plan on being a full-time writer, you need to have many tools and software under your belt for your customers. Here’s what you typically need:

  • Portfolio of work done
  • Diverse writing skills
  • Years of experience and track record
  • How you stand out among other writers
  • SEO tools and Grammarly software
  • Some level of web development and understanding of Google’s update

All these are proofs you have what it takes to be paid well. The more credentials and awards you receive for your writing, the more likely you will be paid higher.

Once again, a reminder that a writer needs to have SEO writing skills. Get yourself an SEO tool today by clicking the link below!

RankIQ – The AI-Powered SEO Toolset for Bloggers

Myth #5: Earning a lot from Writing

Here is the average income for content writers in the US.

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So……Where are the 6th figure earners?

Youtubers and get-rich-quick writers are pulling fluff out of their asses! It annoys me how these people could easily pull numbers without doing any prior research.

If you plan on being a 6-figure earner as a writer. Here’s how I did it and you could if you practice the RIGHT SKILLS.

What Makes a 6-Figure Writer’s2,500-word Pillar Post Different from Yours

The Industry

The industry of content writing has changed a lot. I used to write blogs 10 years ago and get paid on Blogger. Now, everyone is setting up their business page and making way more money from their writing thanks to it. But the writing industry has become too oversaturated with more writers and AI writers joining in as well.

Now, more than ever, writers will need to distinguish themselves by forming stronger specializations and being known for a set of skills.

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