Earn a dollar every day: The best way🔥

Earn a dollar

This isn’t clickbait, and I dislike those who engage in clickbait. I only share what is practical and what I actually do. Earning money is hard and doesn’t require a miracle to happen🔥. The worst thing you can do is over-plan and start too late. I want you to be vigilant and take risks to find ways to make passive income, even just a dollar! You don’t need additional marketing costs, a YouTube channel with hundreds of subscribers, or a large following on social media

How to earn a dollar every day?

There is no shortcut to earning even a dollar. If you are like me with no fans, or followers on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube and want to earn a dollar every single day, then for God’s sake you are in the right place.

In short, I am talking about android app development, one of the easiest ways to get a kickstart in earning money. Unlike YouTube which requires 1k subscribers and 4000 watch hours to monetize your channel, it’s completely different in the world of android app development.

How to begin as a developer?

You need to create a developer console account. It will cost you 25 dollars🔥. That’s the only amount you need to pay once. Just for once💥. After that, publish your apps on the play store and you will start earning. You are wrong if you think Google pays you for the number of downloads your apps received or the size of users you have😏. You can monetize your apps in three legal ways:

1. Running advertisement

The easiest way to monetize your apps for free is through AdMob. You can run Facebook ads or Google ads. If you need higher earnings go with the latter💯. Through AdMob, you will be able to earn money based on the number of impressions and users based on region.

Why chose AdMob? If your apps do not have extensively in-demand content, then this is the best way. Else you can monetize your apps through the next techniques which I’ll discuss below.

How much can you earn through AdMob?

It depends. Depends on the number of active users per day, number of impressions, number of clicks, and most important regions where those ads are displayed. For example, my AI Story Writing app has a high eCPM high as $5.76. This means I earn about 5.76 dollars per thousand AdMob impressions from the AI Story Writing app. While I have another ChatBOT app that has just 0.14 dollars eCPM, which means I will earn just 0.14 dollars from the latter app per thousand impressions😂. What’s more important to focus is on the target audience. You don’t need thousands of users, just focus on targeting users from valued regions like Norway, the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Moldovo, Algeria, Sweden, South Korea, Finland, etc.

2. In-app purchase

The second method to monetize your app is through in-app purchases. This can be because certain items within your apps offer more advantages to users who would like to purchase them. It may be diamonds, gold, life, skins, or anything🔥.

What if no one is interested in buying?😂 In such cases go with method number 1. The easiest and best way to monetize an app even if your apps do not provide high in-demand content.

The in-app purchase method includes subscriptions on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis. Earning through this method is hard. As you can see no one is going to pay for apps which is of no value to the user.?

3. Premium Version

You might have already heard of apps that are sold on the Play Store. If you sell an app on the Play Store, your app cannot run ads. And a free app when launched on the Play Store can not be converted to a sale app👅.

One best way to be able to sell an app is to have two versions of the app on the Play Store. One free version and the other premium. Run ads on the free version and ask users to upgrade to pro and provide a link to the premium version in the Play Store. But make sure your premium app has something to offer to users more than the free version.

What’s best for a beginner?

For beginners, go with running AdMob ads on your free apps. That’s the best way. You can control what type of ad you want to show in your app. You can even control the ads based on the price they pay for the impressions🔥.

Important things to know before running AdMob

Let’s learn some important precautions before running AdMob ads. Shall we?

  1. Always test while developing an app with test ads. Don’t make this a mistake👌.
  2. Test properly before you publish apps on the Play Store. Make sure your ads are placed properly in the correct position.
  3. Don’t place ads that are disturbing or ads that potentially interrupt users. If not you will lose users🙂.
  4. The best ad to place is banner ads. Always try to place banner ads on the bottom of the app screen. That is the best placement position with less interruption to users which will provide users with uninterrupted services.

Types of Ads and their revenue rate

Ads are basically of three types. Banner, Interstitial, and Rewarded ads. While new types of ads like Interstitial reward ads, Native ads, and many more are on the way.

Which AdMob ad will pay you more? It depends. Just as on the number of users and regions. But let’s be honest. Let’s say you have 1000 users from the US. Only from the US(for comparison’s sake). And let’s assume you have successfully shown 1k ad impressions to those 1000 users. In that case, for only impressions and no click on the ad, a banner ad will pay you between $1.50 and $4.50, Interstitial ads will pay you ranging from $3.50 to $8 while a reward ad will pay you between $5 to $13. While this is a rough estimation but at most it is true.

How much do I earn as an android app developer?

Very little😂. Somewhere between $0.20 to $1.30 per day. I have very few active users. Somewhere between 100+ to 300+ daily users. Not bad! That’s just a side income🔥.

How much did I earn today?

Today? $0.20 right now. Yesterday? $0.65. Will it improve? Definitely yes💥. With an increasing number of users and with the proficiency to show ads to users it will increase🔥.

Thank you for reading. You can check out my apps in my previous articles. Stick with me as I’ll share more interesting articles on earning a few pennies as a side income.

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