Here is How to Start a Profitable Blog and Earn Income from Home

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Throw what you have learned on Youtube into the dumpster. They don’t work or at least take super long to work and are not practical if you want to make a profitable blog business from content writing.

I have been writing for more than 3 years now and all the information on Youtube regarding content writing is really all fluff. Yes, SEO writing can help grow your blog, but if your blog is new and the keywords you’re focusing on are highly competitive, you won’t stand a chance.

I’ve lost money learning from all these fake gurus about starting a profitable content-writing business. So here’s my REAL advice for you.

Start Small

Don’t quit your full-time job at once. Start training yourself on content writing instead of going all out and buying your own website. The best way to start earning money from content writing is through Medium and Fiverr. Trust me on this and focus on building up these two accounts first.

You can learn how I write by subscribing to me on Medium, it’s a free platform! You can follow me on it to learn more on content writing as well.

Take at least 2~3 months to work on content writing. At this stage, learn to find SEO words on Google simply by searching up what you want and scrolling all the way down to see what keywords people are looking out for. Learn to write SEO-quality writing, that’s where the big money maker is.

Create Products and Services

During your time working freelance on Fiverr and as a content writer on Medium, you should already have the ability to write and push out content fast. A 500-word article shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour.

With your extra time, use it to build a product(E-book or tool) and further improve your services(freelancing writing gig benefits) so that you can charge more money and make more. By this stage, if your business is able to bring in 4-figures a month, congratulation! It’s already the top 1% of content-writing businesses!

Design your own Website

By all that, you should already be able to make close to or a 5-figure income(timeline=8 months), that’s already quite a profitable blog business. The next step is creating your own website. Use WordPress, the rest of the other website designer sucks in the long term.

During this phase, get ready to burn a lot of cash. You will be required to buy a domain name, increase domain authority using backlinks, etc. My estimated spending on website design is around $2,000 and the only time you see profit coming in is about 1 year later. That’s because indexing on content published to Google takes that long and your content may not even be ranked on page 1.

So to actually focus on making money, your 1 article publish should be able to branch out to multiple writing platforms now such as Quora, WordPress, Medium, Substack, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This phase is more about marketing rather than designing. The better you are at marketing, the likelihood your content writing business will succeed and hopefully earn you a good amount of passive income at home.

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