How to Earn $1,000 Selling Digital Downloads on Creative Fabrica

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based on My 1-Year Earnings Report

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Creative Fabrica is a platform that provides a range of digital resources and tools for projects such as fonts, graphics, templates, illustrations, and crafting classes.

It is a popular platform for people involved in print-on-demand and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) businesses as it offers a vast collection of designs and tools that can be used for these types of businesses.

Passive Income?

Additionally, Creative Fabrica has a marketplace where designers can sell their creations and earn passive income.

I started selling on the platform in February 2022 and I earned a low income of around $7 that month. However, once I started to use the search analytics feature and based their designs around what people were searching for, my earnings gradually increased and I earned $50 in March and $58 dollars in April.

I also began to promote Creative Fabrica through affiliate marketing in April 2022. This helped me to earn even more but it wasn’t until July that they saw a significant jump in earnings. I made $125.56 in July, which was the highest they had earned until that point.

My Earnings On Creative Fabrica From Feb 2022-July2022 | Screenshot by Author

My earnings were more consistent in the following 2 months but they began to decrease in September and October. I uploaded over 300 designs to Creative Fabrica, became complacent, and stopped uploading designs.

My Earnings Report

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My Earnings On Creative Fabrica From July 2022-Feb 2023 | Screenshot by Author

The following month, I saw a huge increase and made $109.37. In December my earnings decreased to $54.48 but increased again to $72.16 in January. However, the earnings dropped again to $40.95 last month.

My Total Earnings on Creative Fabrica | Screenshot by Author

I made $936.92 in total on Creative Fabrica selling Canva templates, KDP Interiors, SVG files, keywords, and illustrations. I have uploaded barely any designs since September 2022 so this has been an awesome stream of passive income.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a side hustle, I would definitely recommend Creative Fabrica as a great source of passive income. If you enjoy working with print-on-demand and KDP businesses. My tip is to focus on uploading quality designs consistently around what customers are looking for.

I recommend watching other YouTube channels, such as Jean R, who has earned over $8000 on selling his digital product and CF Sellers, she provides detailed tips and techniques on how to boost earnings on the platform. I have also documented my journey on side hsutle in detail, providing a step-by-step guide for those who want to start selling on the platform. You can watch this here.

The platform is currently running an All Access Free Trial, allowing you to try out the marketplace and download 10 items. This marketplace has been essential to my KDP success. I’ve attached an affiliate link below for you to get started:

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