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Quick, free, and easy-to-start methods to make money on Amazon without selling. We all love Amazon for its awesome products, packaging, and service. As a seller, many solo entrepreneurs make anywhere between $100 to $500K+ from Amazon. But, you can also make money from Amazon without selling anything online.

Let’s discuss some of the very common, trusted, and highly profitable ways to make money online.

Are you excited?

Don’t worry, It requires no prior experience, any investment, or years to learn to make money online.

I mean, it’s as simple as reading this article and putting some valuable time here. Let’s no t waste any moment and start learning the successful ways to make money on Amazon without selling.

Make Money On Amazon Without Selling:

You can do the 5 things to make money on Amazon without actually selling any products. Here is a quick sneak peek for you to get some ideas and stay focused for reading further.

  1. Amazon Affiliate Programm
  2. Writing Products Review
  3. Commenting on the products page
  4. Become an Amazon delivery partner
  5. Amazon Murch

There could be a bonus… for you.

6. Sell marketing services to Amazon sellers

Sounds good?

I can’t hold myself further, Let’s discuss this in detail.

1. Amazon Affiliate Programm

Just like any other affiliate marketing business, you can join the Amazon affiliate program and help people to buy the desired products using your like to make money online.

Yes, you need now to sell any products on Amazon, Instead, you help other sellers to generate sales using your affiliate link and you make a commission on each sale.

This commission could be between 2% to 30% and varies based on the categories of products you choose.

How to start?

It’s quite easy. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Signup at Amazon affiliate central website.
  2. Choose a product and generate an affiliate link for that product.
  3. Create a video, write an article, or promote directly on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other personal groups to generate sales using your affiliate links.
  4. Once a sale is made for any product using your link even if it’s not the product you referred to, you make a good commission.
  5. There are many ways to promote your Amazon affiliate marketing business. You can find the best resources online or Money making blogs like this to start earning.

You can also start a blog to make money with Amazon. Here is a website to help you further.

2. Writing Products Review

Literally, this is another great way to make money with Amazon without even selling your own products. I spent nearly 7 months on Medium to grow my writing career and my posts are getting over 10,000 views on a daily basis.

But this can also make money for you with Amazon. Let me explain.

You can write reviews for various products on your own blog or a Medium blog and this will start to make you a decent amount of money in no time.

How to start?

Follow these steps to review Amazon products and make money:

  1. Create a blog website or join Medium to start writing.
  2. Chose the trending products on Amazon and write an authentic review as an expert.
  3. Suggest readers who are also wanting to buy the products to buy using your referral link.
  4. You can also hyperlink or add affiliate links to make money with your blog.
  5. In addition to this, you can show ads on blogs to make money or monetize with partner programs.
  6. Blogs can rank in Google or trend on Medium and this way more and more readers will read your review and buy using your referral (Affiliate link).

This way, you make money without even selling anything on Amazon.

3. Commenting on the products page

Yes, It looks crazy in the first place but It’s really a good way to make money on Amazon without selling. I will explain everything in detail, don’t worry.

It’s a real and free way to make money on Amazon by just putting in verified reviews.

You may wonder, how?

Well, there is a website called SproutGigs, basically a micro jobs website where you can find jobs like commenting on sellers’ products, watching videos, or taking surveys.

But, this is just one website.

There are over 20 good micro jobs websites where you can sell your services, like commenting on Amazon products page, sharing your view review, and much more.

You can find some good micro jobs websites on this Medium post here,

4. Become an Amazon delivery partner

It looks like a very generic suggestion but this is something that can make you a consistent and decent amount of money every month and you need not sell your products on Amazon.

“Start your own business as a Delivery Service Partner and work with Amazon to make an impact on your community.”

How to apply?

To become an Amazon delivery service partner, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Go to Amazon Logistics’ official website.
  2. You need to have $30,000 liquid cash as well as a $10,000 startup cost for the app.
  3. Fill out the application form with the desired details and a full-length resume.
  4. You do need not to have logistics experience.
  5. Once approved, you and your team can deliver products for Amazon to make money.

This is a capital-intensive business and you need to have a decent amount of money to start with. However, if Amazon is selling products in your country, you will surely find a DSP (Delivery service provider) job at Amazon.

5. Amazon Murch

Unlike Amazon sellers, you need not sell physical products, or manage delivery or shipping but you can make money for designs that you create for Amazon.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Amazon Murch is a great way to design and sell T-shirts and other printable clothes, and artworks at Amazon where as Amazon manages, shipping, delivery and much more for you.

You don’t need a vendor, supplier, printing, shipping or anything else.

Just create great artwork and T-shorts designs on other wearable clothes designs and list them on Amazon Murch. Amazon will print the products when the order is received, ships and gives you loyalty for your designs.

That’s awesome.

Now, you have learned 5 ways to make money on Amazon without selling anything. Though, there could be more ways to make money on Amazon.


Amazon has become a necessity for our generation and we are quite addicted to scrolling and finding trending products on Amazon, though it can be a great source to make money online.

Amazon mTurk is another great way to make money online without selling online. It’s basically a micro jobs website just like SproutGigs but very very trusted,

You can always find a good number of jobs at MTURK to start making money in just a few minutes.

Mostly, these methods are free tor takes less than $100 to start making money at Amazon without selling. However, Amazon DSP can be expensive, hard to start and a highly profitable business.

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