How to sell Over 1,000 Books on Amazon KDP in under a month

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Last month was one the best month I’ve had so far selling books on Amazon KDP. I sold a total of 1333 paperback books which vary from no-content books to high-content books. I was very surprised to sell this amount of books in March but this has been a long time coming due to the steps I have taken below.

A Collection of quality books

I have over 1000 books on Amazon KDP, I know you might be shocked to hear that. However, when I started selling books on Amazon I fell into the trap of selling no and low-content notebooks, following strategies and advice that nearly left me burnt out.

I changed my strategy and I began taking more time to create quality books that stand out. Now, I have developed my processes which allow me to focus on creating 1–5 high-quality books a month. These books have compounded over the last 12 months resulting in this business becoming completely passive and I now have more time to explore other income streams.

You will definitely not need over 1000 books to get 1000 orders in a month as less than 10% of my books made up the bulk of my orders. Although you will need a collection of quality books and you can’t expect to upload 1 or 2 books and have massive success. Your first books will not be great but you will develop with time.

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash

Focus on Year and Year Growth

I started selling books on Amazon KDP back in June 2020 and while I didn’t get off to an amazing start. I continued to make small steps of progress.

Although it took quite a bit of time to develop my research methods to find book ideas customers would be interested in. I watched countless videos to understand more about the importance of keywords and I hired designers to create quality book covers to attract more customers to buy my books.

It can be quite frustrating at the start if you focus on the day-to-day or month-to-month progress as you might not see many book sales initially. I know that this is a business I want to work on long term so I like to focus on my year-on-year growth. This helps me not to get caught up in the short term but focused on doing the activities that will grow my business long term.

You can see how my orders have progressed each year in March itself, which shows that it doesn’t happen overnight.

2021 Orders | Screenshot By Author
2022 Orders | Screenshot By Author
2023 Orders | Screenshot By Author

You can see how my orders have progressed each year, which shows that it doesn’t happen overnight.

Amazon Ads

Many self-publishers upload books on Amazon and hope for sales without advertising or fear the cost of ads. However, relying only on organic traffic is not enough, so it’s important to run ads to reach more customers.

At first, I worried about spending money on ads. But as time went on, I became more confident and realized the advantages of running ads. There are several low-cost ad strategies that you should try to get more traffic to your books. The best I have tried so far is called the Lottery Ads strategy. You can learn more about it in this video I made.

Final Thoughts

My success on Amazon KDP has been a result of consistent efforts in refining my book creation process. To grow the earnings, I focus on year-on-year growth, and utilizing effective advertising strategies.

The journey has been very rewarding when I see the progress I’ve made over the years. If you’re just starting or feeling stuck in your KDP journey, remember that patience, persistence, and a commitment to quality will lead to long-term success.

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