It Takes Me 15 Minutes a Day to Make a Living

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I do other things too, but that’s because I want to

People overcomplicate things. They want to make money online and they believe it takes ten hours of work daily. In 2000, when my family and I moved to France, I thought it would be easy to get a job with my high-school French. The reality was that even highly educated natives had to take jobs as cashiers in supermarkets to make a living.

Find your options

We had computers, internet connection, and free online resources we can read up on any time.

So I began my journey online.

Back then I worked seven days a week from early morning to late evening. I had no idea how to make money online and there were no books or courses. I had to figure it out, which took a lot of testing. It was a lot of trials and failures.

Found a way

The first way I found that worked was to resell software.

But I had to rely on people finding the software and wanting it enough to pay for it.

There was no way I could control the income.

Uncertainty and a bank account with red numbers lead to a lot of stomach pain and restless nights.

The solution came later. From my first and biggest passion.

Getting back in control

By chance, I’d stumbled upon a course about email marketing. I was fascinated by it and wanted to do that thing.

My first attempt lasted a couple of days. I’d put several of my friends on a list without asking them and then I sent them daily jokes.

When they complained, politely, I had to stop it.

Do even better with consistency

Later, I started to send computer tips to them and to send them to my site. On my site, I had Google ads, and this made a nice living for me even years after I stopped. Email marketing made it possible.

I’ve read that for every $1 you put into email marketing, you make $42 back. When you use email marketing, you’re in control. You can reach your audience.

Make sure you’re always in control

You don’t have the same amount of control when you post on Medium or other platforms.

That’s why you should always aim at building and growing your list.

Today, more than 20 years later, I still send out emails.

They take me roughly 15 minutes to write. Often less, sometimes more.

They are my main source of income.

Do only things you love

If I do other things, which I do, it’s because I choose to and because I love doing those things.

They include:

  • Writing fiction
  • Creating courses (mostly written)
  • Go through and review other people’s products
  • Playing around with other side hustles just for fun

Could you do the same?


You just need to learn the basics about writing emails that get opens and clicks.

Write emails that bring your audience closer to you and keep them as loyal subscribers for years. (Some of mine go back to 2004 and they still buy my courses and recommendations.)

Grab my course and start writing irresistible emails today!

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