Atomic Habits: A Must Have Book for All to Read


No matter what your goals are, Atomic Habits can help you grow every day. James Clear, one of the world’s foremost experts on habit formation, explains practical ways for forming good habits, breaking harmful ones, and mastering small actions that lead to major improvements.

The issue isn’t with you if you’re having problems changing your behaviors. Instead, it’s a problem with your computer. There’s a reason poor behaviors repeat themselves; it’s not because you’re unwilling to change, but because you’re using the incorrect method to do it.

Why I Love this Book

Atomic Habits is one of many books we recommend to people. Simply because it is a foundational book that anyone can read and improve themselves. The book focuses on self-development to make your life more productive by setting multiple goals in life you wish to achieve in a said amount of time. It also shows how by using a strategy of the 4 laws, you would be more driven and focused on achieving what you set out to get.

Unlike many other books that give the basic advice on how to be productive, this book encompasses only using these 4 laws that you need to remember in order to succeed in whatever you endeavor.

Learning about the 4 Laws

The book is summarized in these 4 parts.

Law 1 ~ Make it obvious

Law 2 ~ Make it Attractive

Law 3 ~ Make it easy

Most important Law 4⭐⭐⭐ ~ Make it Satisfying

“You don’t reach the height of your ambitions. You stoop to your systems’ level.” – Clear, James

By following a system of habit will you be able to be more productive and focus on whatever things you wish to pursue. If you would like to know more about this book. Do get it with my affiliate link above!


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