4 Side Hustles That Inevitably Work

4 Side Hustles that Inevitably Work

There are many ways to make money from side hustle but these are the 4 side hustle that I believe will inevitably work in the long run.

1 — Blogging

Keeping a blog or having a blog on a platform like Medium is a sure way to make money writing in the long run.

  • On your personal blog (a simple WordPress blog for instance) you can use ads to generate income
  • On Medium, you get money by monetizing the reading time of the members. You can also earn money from referred members who have used your affiliate link to become a member (mine is https://amaliaa.medium.com/membership)

In both cases, you can also promote affiliate links as well as the other side hustles I will mention.

Moreover, you can encourage your readers to donate to you, for example on the buymeacoffee platform. By the way, if you want to buy me a coffee:

Offer me a coffee :)
Offer me a coffee 🙂

I joined Medium on December 27, 2022. In January, I generated $12.54, knowing that I had not joined the monetization program at the beginning of the month:

My Medium earnings for January
My Medium earnings for January
My Medium earnings for January but it’s in bold
My Medium earnings for January but it’s in bold

It’s not much but it’s already a lot for the first month! I plan to do more this month. Some people make thousands of dollars a month writing. Well, it will inevitably work somehow!

2 — Freelance

If you have a loyal subscriber and reader base on your blog (this also works with Youtube channels, and TikTok…) then you will be able to get people to your freelance profile where you offer your services. Well-known websites for freelancers include Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.com…

Don’t be afraid to offer everything you can. There must be a link to the topics you cover in your blog. Take a look at the freelancing site you have chosen and you will surely be surprised by the diversity of services offered.

For example, I’m French so I offer translation services from English to French on Fiverr, in addition to other services of writing and programming:

My Fiverr page
My Fiverr profile

3 — Selling digital products

In addition to selling services, you can sell products. They can be physical but if they are digital it is even better. Of course, you’ll put links to your seller profile in your articles/videos so that your audience can become buyers 🙂

You can sell courses, e-books, programming products, etc. Each product has its dedicated platform, like Udemy, Skillshare, and Unacademy to sell courses, KDP and others for e-books…

Platforms like Gumroad allow you to easily sell your products.

My Gumroad page
My Gumroad page (quite empty at I write this)

4 — Making apps/games

Today, it is very easy to create mobile applications and games from no-code software, where everything is done graphically and simply. You can then monetize your application with ads or by making it paid. Of course, you will advertise it to your previously created audience 🙂

As an example, I’m currently creating a mobile game on Gdevelop in order to publish it on the Play Store. I got this idea from this article:

I Made $1000 From a Mobile Game I Designed in One Day, Without Coding
The title says it all so let’s just jump into the story.medium.com

Many other methods exist, and I will surely talk about them in other articles. The trick to making a side hustle successful is to keep working on it. That way, it will inevitably work! Anyway, don’t hesitate to leave yours in the comments!

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