How to Sell on eBay Fast and Safely in 2023

how to sel on eBay fast and safely in 2023

Before showing you how to sell on eBay, you should know that eBay is one of the most popular online sales sites where you can buy or sell various items that you no longer want or are no longer useful to you, but they can help you recoup some of the money you spent buying them.

Ebay is available in several countries, thus having the possibility to increase your search area both in the country you are in and in other countries from which you want to buy or sell.

The process of selling on eBay is extremely simple and safe. To begin with, you can open a standard account that allows you to do this. Later, if your order numbers start to increase, you can upgrade to an eBay Business account.

The costs of an account differ depending on the category you want it to belong to, but it’s good to know that you can start with a standard account and then turn it into any type of account you want.

If you are wondering about the availability of orders, you should know that you have a wide range of items that you can order or put on sale. Various items are not available for orders in another country, but this is announced by the seller in the product description.

How to sell on eBay?

In the lines below we will list the steps you need to follow to sell on eBay:

1. Open an eBay account

Open an eBay account
How to Sell on eBay Fast and Safely in 2023 1

There are several types of accounts you can open on eBay such as — Standard, Basic, Premium, and Anchor.

For each account type, we have prepared a list of prices for each account:

  • Standard where you have a monthly subscription of $7.95 or you can choose the annual subscription which drops the monthly fee down to $4.95.
  • Basic is the second type of online store where the monthly subscription is $27.95 and the annual subscription is $21.95 per month.
  • For the Premium one you have to pay a monthly subscription of $74.95, and for the annual one you have to pay $59.95 per month.
  • The last type of subscription is Anchor where you have to pay $349.95 for the monthly subscription and $299.95/month for a one-year subscription.

2. List the products you want to sell

List The Products You Want To Sell
How to Sell on eBay Fast and Safely in 2023 2

To make product sales a success, pay attention to product listing details such as

  • Headline — must be clear and concise concerning what you are selling
  • Description — provide additional details about the product’s condition, date of purchase, and maintenance
  • Photos — to be readable without special filters that change the color, quality, etc. Do not provide false or misleading details to the customer.

On eBay, the number of ads you can post per month differs depending on the type of account you create. For example, for a Standard account, you can post 50 free ads per month. If you want to post multiple ads on a Standard account, you’ll be charged 35 cents per ad.

Also, with a Basic account you benefit from the possibility of posting up to 100 free ads.

3. Set the price

One tip we can give you is to set the price according to the competitors in the market of the same product range.

Search for the products you want to sell, and make a comparison between the products displayed for sale. You need to make a comparison between the condition of your product and the product you found for sale. If it is identical to the one already posted, you should ask for the same amount.

Check if your product is damaged or in better condition, you can adjust or increase the price. If you do not find a product that is similar to your product, you can also search for other products that are part of your product category. That way you can get an idea of ​​the price.

To sell on eBay, you are provided with two very practical sales methods. A first option would be to set a starting price for the item you want to sell and those interested to bid. Thus, you can try your luck to earn as much money as possible from your products.

4. Display payment methods for potential buyers.

Also in the sales process, you need a method by which you can be paid for the products sold. Most customers prefer to use PayPal payments because the money sent reaches your account instantly. You can also use a bank card payment (Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro) or you can choose the option of paying the money on delivery.

This method is a criterion of those who buy because there are people who are reluctant when they have to pay before receiving the purchased products. And payment methods give the seller an advantage. The more payment methods you have, the more likely you are to sell your products.

Don’t forget that the cash-on-delivery payment can only be made when you sell products.

5. Set the delivery details.

Before selling on eBay, you need to think about a way to ensure the shipping of the items you sell. This aspect is very important because you need to specify these details to the buyer. You can send the products by courier or post.

The process to send by courier is quite simple, you can go to a courier office or you can call a courier at your home to pick up the package. Make sure you have packed the package and entered the shipping and return data correctly.

To send by post, the only possible option is to go to the nearest post office. As in the case above, you must fill in the delivery dates and specify who bears the shipping costs.

You must specify whether you pay the delivery fees when you place the package or whether the delivery fees are paid by the recipient. You determine this together with the person to whom you sold the products.

What you can sell on eBay

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

On eBay, you can sell anything, whether you want to sell your clothing products (socks, sneakers, t-shirts), or you want to get rid of garden tools you no longer use, eBay offers you this possibility.

To have guaranteed success in your sales, you need to know that cell phones, cell phone accessories, clothing, video games, tablets, and computers are some of the most sought-after products on eBay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also sell other items.

So, if you have something that you no longer use, take advantage of your chance to sell it on eBay in a fast and safe way.

How do you buy from eBay?

Being an extremely well-developed platform, eBay offers you the opportunity to purchase almost any item that crosses your mind.

To buy on eBay, all you have to do is search for the product that interests you, identify it, and make sure that the seller can send the product to you.

Don’t forget that you can buy from anywhere in the world, as long as the seller specifies in the product description that they can also ship to your country. And if the product you want cannot be sent by the seller, you can contact various companies that pick up your package and send it to you.

All you have to do is identify a country where the seller can ship it to, and that company can ship it to you. Even if it seems more complicated, on eBay it is an increasingly applied method.

How to sell on eBay advantageously

The first advantage of how to sell on eBay is that you can open an account from anywhere and anytime. To make sales, depending on the account you choose, you will also have to pay a monthly or annual subscription, as you prefer. The costs are low, so you have nothing to worry about.

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If you have items at home that you no longer use, you can try your luck now that you know how to sell them on eBay.

So, open an eBay account, list your products according to the criteria listed above, set prices according to the competitors in the market, and turn the products you no longer use into a source of income. Enjoy the earnings generated from them!

Be fair and don’t mislead your customers to get more sales on eBay!

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