Top 10 Digital Products to Sell on Amazon

Top 10 Digital Products to Sell on Amazon

You know how everyone’s always looking for new side hustles and ways to make additional money these days, right? 

If you sell digital products on Amazon, that could be a great way to bring in some extra cash flow.

Now we know what you’re thinking – Amazon is for selling physical products that get shipped to people’s doors. However, we’re talking about digital products to sell on Amazon, like ebooks, software, and online courses that one can download. Unlike physical items, you can sell them without having to deal with storage, shipping, etc.

Not convinced? Let’s check some statistics. 

Ebook sales on Amazon alone were over $405 million in 2020, showing the huge demand for digital content. With Amazon controlling a massive 67% of the ebook market, you can see why digital publishing on their platform is so lucrative.

The best part is there are minimal upfront costs, and the earning potential is really uncapped based on your ability to pump out digital goods. Some people are making 6 or even 7 figures just selling info products on Amazon.

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So how to sell digital products on Amazon

You just need to create the digital product, upload it to Amazon’s platform, and bam! It’s available for purchase by Amazon’s millions of customers. Pretty sweet deal, right? Now let’s get into the best-selling digital products on Amazon that are sure to generate some serious revenue.

1. Ebooks

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Self-publishing ebooks can be a highly promising money-making opportunity and arguably the best thing to sell on Amazon. Over 1,000 authors earned $100,000 or more last year by selling their ebooks just on Amazon. So the potential to turn writing into a full-time gig is legit.

· Fiction

First up is fiction ebooks, like novels, sci-fi, romance, and all the other make-believe reads. And even if you’ve never written more than a few pages before, you can hire capable writers to help craft the story and prose once you have a strong concept.

With the right team supporting you, you can overcome a lack of writing expertise or background and still produce an engaging book. The opportunities are endless here.

· Non-fiction

Books on business, marketing, software tutorials, health, finance, and self-help sell like hotcakes on Amazon. Just think about all the expertise you have that people would pay to learn.

Or research popular niches and collaborate with experts to create one of the best-selling digital products on Amazon.

· How-to guides

A well-optimized “how-to” style ebook that provides step-by-step guidance on a specific topic has major money-making potential.

For example, an ebook titled “How to sell digital products on Amazon” or “How to flip websites for profit” would attract an eager audience looking for knowledge and easily sell thousands of copies annually. And they’re great for building authority and audience within a niche.

· Audiobooks

If you’re wondering, “Is it good to sell on Amazon,” no worries; audiobooks are massively popular. People love listening to them during their commute, at the gym, or while doing chores.

Grandview Research reported that the entire audiobook industry generated $4.219 billion in revenue in 2021

That’s a ton of potential buyers waiting to hear your stories!

2. Stock media

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Selling stock media through Amazon is extremely lucrative as well. Here we’re talking photos, video clips, music, sound effects – anything people can use for their own projects. Amazon makes it super easy to license and sell your digital media properties. The best part is you don’t need any fancy equipment to start either – just a smartphone camera and some creativity!

For instance, a single stock photo or video clip can sell unlimited licenses starting at $5 to $10 each. Just imagine having 100 photos that sell 5 licenses per month. That’s $3,000 on average in recurring passive income! Now multiply that by having 500 or 1000 photos, and you’ll see the numbers are mind-bogglingly amazing!

In fact, one study found the stock photo industry is worth over $4 billion worldwide, making it among the top-selling Amazon digital products.

3. Software

Statista projects the total global software market will exceed $659 billion in revenue by 2023 as organizations continue their digital transformation efforts, presenting a massive opportunity for software publishers and developers.

Let’s look at some of the hottest software niches and find out why they’re one of the best digital products to sell on Amazon right now.

· Productivity tools

Tools that make people’s lives easier are always top sellers. Productivity software like time trackers, project managers, and automation tools are huge favorites on Amazon.

· Utility software

Utility software like file converters, disk defragmenters, and system cleaners provides practical, functional value to customers while generating billions in revenue globally. Offering these kinds of useful tools on Amazon aligns perfectly with customer demand.

· Security solutions

The market for consumer-focused privacy and security tools is rapidly expanding as people seek solutions to manage their credentials, browse anonymously, detect malware, and control network access. Amazon is the perfect platform to tap into it.

· Software licenses

Another great opportunity is reselling license keys for popular software tools. You can legally buy software licenses in bulk from authorized distributors of high-demand software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, antivirus programs, etc., and then resell them individually on Amazon.

The key is finding deals on volume license packs, then marking up the individual licenses for profit. This takes some research and relationship building with distributors but can be highly profitable.

4. Online Courses

Online courses are blowing up on Amazon for good reasons – people love learning new skills from the comfort of home.

According to a study by Facts & Factors, the global e-learning market is projected to surpass $ 848.12 billion by 2030. Almost any skill can be taught online these days—all you need to do is identify high-interest topics and avoid oversaturated markets for the best results with Amazon course selling.

Below are some of Amazon’s most popular course niches you can explore.

· Business courses

One of the most in-demand categories is business education. Courses on marketing, entrepreneurship, management, investing, and more are super valuable to Amazon’s business-minded audience.

· IT courses

With technology evolving at light speed, IT courses like programming languages, game development, AI, app building, and more are widely favored among professionals and aspirants.

· Design courses

Another area with major demand is graphic design, Web design, photography, video editing, and creative skills. Tons of people want to level up their creative abilities.

· Language learning

Finally, language learning represents a massive market, expected to exceed $ 172.71 billion by 2027, according to Brandessence Market Research. Spanish, French, German, and niche languages are significant opportunities.

5. Mobile Apps


These are another digital product that crushes it on Amazon. Especially mobile gaming apps represent a massive opportunity, expected to reach a $300.47 billion market size by 2028, reported by Mordor Intelligence.

Also, productivity and utility apps like office suits, flashlight tools, video converters, audio recorders, battery savers, etc., are usually top-rated in any e-commerce platform. You’ll find an enormous market on Amazon willing to pay for their convenience and value.

6. Digital subscriptions and memberships

Selling digital memberships and subscriptions on Amazon can fetch significant recurring revenue. They, therefore, are the most preferred digital products to sell on Amazon for many third-party sellers.

From meal plans to beauty boxes and more, the market of subscription services, loyalty programs, and premium memberships is thriving.

It’s no wonder that the subscription e-commerce market can hit $2,643.6 billion by 2028, according to research. You can offer subscriptions for physical products, digital downloads, services, or anything people want on a recurring basis.

7. E-gift cards

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E-gift cards from major brands are always top sellers when it comes to Amazon digital products. You can Keep them stocked in your seller account for year-round demand from bulk buyers.

Let’s take Amazon gift cards as an example. With Amazon’s utter dominance as an online retailer, their own gift cards are incredibly popular and in high demand throughout the year.

Similarly, iTunes and App Store gift cards are go-to digital gifts for Apple enthusiasts to buy music, movies, apps, and more. A report from Research And Markets estimates the e-gift card market growth to be a whopping $740.41 billion by 2027.

The bottom line – this category shows no sign of slowing, and offering them on Amazon is a proven winner.

8. NFT

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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets that represent ownership of unique items like art, music, videos, etc., and they have exploded in popularity recently.

You can consider these items safely if you are looking to sell digital products on Amazon. Unique digital artwork, for example, makes up a vast portion of NFT sales.

Research done by SkyQuest indicated that the NFT market is estimated to surpass a staggering $212 billion in 2030.

Therefore, artists and creators have major opportunities to sell their original creations, like one-of-a-kind illustrations, animations, collectibles, and more, using Amazon’s global platform, and rake in great profits.

9. E-tickets for popular events

Digital tickets to live events are a natural fit for Amazon’s platform. Are they the best thing to sell on Amazon?

Numbers don’t lie. Music concerts, sporting events, live shows, paid conferences, and seminars represent a massive market anticipated to sell over $77.53 billion globally by 2023.

With Amazon’s broad reach across consumer demographics, selling e-tickets through their massive marketplace for a substantial income is an absolute no-brainer.

10. Templates

There is massive demand from businesses, creatives, and individuals looking to save time that you can leverage by selling reusable templates on Amazon.

Resume templates are especially trending in the current job market, as many people need to improve their resumes for new job opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners also spend significantly on marketing services, fueling demand for templates like proposals, presentations, newsletters, and more.

Additionally, easy-to-use website templates allow anyone to build their digital presence quickly.

According to Precision Reports, the website development market could reach $89013.17 million by 2027 globally, which indicates an enormous prospect for anyone looking to sell web templates on Amazon.

It’s Go Time – Unleash Your Digital Empire on Amazon!

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Now here’s the kicker – third-party sales on Amazon exceeded $475 billion in 2020, growing at an insane rate of over 40% year-over-year, Digital Commerce 360 revealed. And digital products make up a huge chunk of those sales, led by ebooks, audio, video, software, games, and more.

The point is – you should sell digital products on Amazon; their built-in customer traffic is too huge to ignore. Sites like Etsy, eBay, and Craigslist are child’s play compared to the monster in e-commerce that Bezos built!

So hopefully, this overview got your mental juices flowing on how to capitalize on that demand.

You can further explore this ultimate guide to making money with the Amazon associates program. The rest is up to you.

Find a niche, create some value, and let the income flood in by listing the best-selling digital products on Amazon we’ve discussed today.

However, if you’re not into “selling things” and want to know if there’s another way to make money through Amazon, this article is for you; don’t forget to check it out!

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