20 Best Ways To Earn Amazon Gift Cards In 2024

20 Best Ways To Earn Amazon Gift Cards In 2024

Amazon gift cards are a versatile and popular reward that many people seek to earn through various online activities. Whether you’re looking to offset your Amazon shopping expenses or simply enjoy the thrill of earning freebies, there’s a multitude of ways to accumulate Amazon gift cards.

In 2024, there are 20 best ways to earn Amazon gift cards to maximize their earning potential for these coveted cards:

MethodRequirementsEarning Potential
1. Online SurveysInternet access, valid email address$5 – $50 per survey
2. Cashback WebsitesOnline shopping through affiliated sitesUp to 10% cashback on purchases
3. Task AppsComplete tasks, surveys, or watch videos$5 – $20 per task
4. Reward AppsEarn points by completing tasks or playing games$5 – $50 worth of gift cards
5. Referral ProgramsRefer friends to sign up or make purchasesVaries depending on program
6. Credit Card RewardsUse Amazon-branded credit cards for purchasesPoints redeemable for gift cards
7. Shopping AppsUse designated apps for online shoppingEarn points or cashback
8. Product Testing ProgramsTest products and provide feedbackFree products or gift cards
9. Online MarketplacesSell items online and receive payment in gift cardsVaries depending on sales
10. Search Engine RewardsUse designated search engines for online searchesPoints redeemable for gift cards
11. Receipt Scanning AppsUpload receipts from purchases for rewardsPoints redeemable for gift cards
12. Crowdsourced TasksComplete micro-tasks for payVaries depending on task complexity
13. Affiliate MarketingPromote products and earn commissionVaries depending on sales generated
14. Mobile GamingPlay games that offer in-game currencyExchange currency for gift cards
15. Writing ReviewsWrite reviews for products or servicesEarn points or cash rewards
16. Cashback Credit CardsUse cashback credit cards for purchasesPoints redeemable for gift cards
17. Social Media ContestsParticipate in contests hosted by brandsWin gift cards or merchandise
18. Freelancing PlatformsOffer services such as graphic design or writingReceive payment in gift cards or cash
19. Subscription Services ReferralRefer friends to subscribe to servicesReceive credit or gift cards
20. Mystery ShoppingVisit stores or restaurants and provide feedbackReceive payment or reimbursements

Key Takeaways

  • Signing up for an Amazon Rewards Visa Card is one of the easiest and most direct methods to start earning Amazon gift cards, offering points for purchases made on Amazon.
  • Participation in online survey platforms like Survey Junkie and task-based services such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk can lead to earning gift cards by completing simple tasks.
  • Mobile apps and programs, including gaming apps like Mistplay, offer opportunities to earn rewards, including Amazon gift cards, by engaging in various activities like playing games or reviewing products.
  • Cashback and rewards apps such as Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta provide a way to earn Amazon gift cards by doing everyday shopping online and in-store.
  • Amazon-specific opportunities, like using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card and engaging with special Amazon promotions, can yield Amazon gift cards as part of their loyalty or rewards programs.

Maximizing Credit Card Rewards for Amazon Gift Cards

20 Best Ways To Earn Amazon Gift Cards In 2024

Signing Up for Amazon Rewards Visa Card

The Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card offers a seamless way to earn gift cards while making everyday purchases.

Upon approval, cardholders can receive a significant welcome bonus in the form of an Amazon gift card, with amounts varying based on the current promotion, ranging from $50 to $200.

  • Instant Amazon gift card upon approval ($50 for Amazon Visa, up to $200 for Prime Rewards Visa Card)
  • Earn 5% back on Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market with Prime membership
  • Receive 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores
  • Get 1% back on all other purchases

Remember, the Prime Rewards Visa Card requires an annual Prime subscription, which may not be cost-effective for infrequent Amazon users.

In contrast, the Amazon Visa offers rewards without the need for a Prime membership. It’s essential to stay updated on Amazon’s policies and choose the card that aligns with your shopping habits and benefits expectations.

Understanding Points and Redemption

Accumulating points through various online activities can be a strategic way to earn Amazon gift cards. Understanding the points system is crucial for maximizing your rewards. Each platform has its own points-to-gift-card conversion rate, and knowing when and how to redeem your points can significantly enhance your earnings.

For instance, some platforms may offer better redemption rates for higher points balances, encouraging users to save points for larger rewards. Here’s a simple breakdown of how points might translate into Amazon gift cards on a hypothetical platform:

PointsAmazon Gift Card Value

It’s also important to be aware of any potential expiration dates on points to ensure you don’t miss out on redeeming them. Regularly check the platform for any updates or changes to the redemption process.

Remember, some tasks may yield more points than others. Prioritize activities that align with your interests and time availability to make the most out of the earning potential. Whether it’s completing surveys, participating in challenges, or downloading apps, each action brings you closer to your next Amazon shopping spree.

Exploring Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses

Credit card sign-up bonuses are a lucrative way to earn Amazon gift cards quickly. Many cards offer instant rewards upon approval, often in the form of a gift card added directly to your Amazon account. For example, some Amazon-branded credit cards provide a substantial gift card bonus to new members, which can be used immediately for purchases on the site.

When considering a new credit card for Amazon purchases, pay close attention to the sign-up bonuses available. These bonuses can vary significantly between cards and promotions, so it’s essential to compare your options.

Here’s a quick comparison of sign-up bonuses for Amazon-related credit cards:

  • Amazon Prime Visa Card: Earn a $100 to $200 Amazon gift card instantly upon approval.
  • Chase Travel: Get 5% back on Amazon purchases with eligible Prime membership.
  • U.S. Bank: Select cards offer 6% cash back on Amazon as one of two preferred retailers.

Remember, while the upfront bonuses are appealing, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits and costs associated with each card, such as annual fees and reward rates.

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Leveraging Survey Sites and Online Tasks

image 68

Earning with Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie stands out as a dedicated platform for those looking to earn Amazon gift cards through online surveys. With a community of over 10 million members, it’s clear that Survey Junkie has established a significant presence in the realm of survey sites. The platform is straightforward: complete surveys, earn points, and redeem them for rewards like Amazon gift cards.

The potential earnings on Survey Junkie can be quite attractive. Members who actively participate by completing three or more surveys daily could see earnings up to $100 monthly. This consistent engagement is key to maximizing the benefits of the platform.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Sign up and become part of a 10 million strong community.
  • Focus solely on surveys without the distraction of other tasks.
  • Earn points for each survey you complete.
  • Redeem points for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.

Remember, the number of surveys available can vary, and some persistence may be required to accumulate enough points for a gift card. However, with Survey Junkie’s impressive payout statistics, it’s a viable option for those looking to earn a little extra on the side.

Participating in Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a platform that offers the flexibility to earn extra income by completing a variety of tasks online. Workers can choose tasks that match their skills and interests, ranging from data entry and survey participation to content creation and video processing. The payment for these tasks can be received in the form of cash or Amazon gift cards, making it a practical option for those looking to accumulate Amazon rewards.

MTurk provides an accessible way to contribute to various projects, with the convenience of working independently and the potential to earn rewards or cash.

To maximize your earnings on MTurk, consider the following tips:

  • Prioritize higher-paying tasks by sorting the available jobs (HITs) accordingly.
  • Dedicate a consistent amount of time daily to complete tasks.
  • Explore different types of tasks to find the ones that best suit your abilities.

Remember, while MTurk can be a source of additional income, it’s unlikely to replace a full-time job. However, it can be an excellent way to earn freelancing income or supplement your earnings with microtasks.

Comparing Various Task-Based Platforms

When exploring the landscape of task-based platforms, it’s essential to compare the different opportunities they offer for earning Amazon gift cards. Each platform has its unique set of tasks and reward structures, making some more suitable than others depending on your preferences and skills.

For instance, while some users may find success with survey-focused sites, others might prefer platforms that offer a variety of tasks. A user reported a 30-day trial using Respondent.io for online surveys, earning $19 in just 15 minutes, but also noted that many studies were irrelevant, suggesting that not all platforms align well with individual earning goals.

It’s important to consider the time investment and the relevance of tasks when choosing a platform to ensure it aligns with your earning objectives.

Moreover, the promise of easy cash through online surveys can be enticing, as highlighted by a TIME Stamped article titled ‘7 Best Online Surveys for Money 2024’. However, it’s crucial to balance such opportunities with other online money-making methods, like affiliate marketing, which requires a strong online presence, or selling items on platforms like Carousell for those looking to declutter and earn simultaneously.

Utilizing Apps and Programs for Free Gift Cards

Utilizing Apps and Programs for Free Gift Cards

Playing Games with Mistplay

Mistplay is an innovative app that rewards users for playing mobile games. The more you play, the more you earn, with points accumulating to unlock Amazon gift cards. Starting at just $5, Mistplay offers one of the lowest thresholds for reward redemption, making it an accessible option for casual gamers to earn rewards.

To maximize your earnings, consider the following tips:

  • Explore new mobile games curated for you by Mistplay.
  • Engage consistently to progress in-app and earn more points.
  • Redeem your points for Amazon gift cards starting at only $5.

Mistplay not only provides entertainment but also offers a way to monetize your gaming time. By playing games through Mistplay, you can help game developers improve their products while earning gift cards to your favorite retailers.

Remember, the key to earning more is to play regularly and try out various games offered by the app. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of games to choose from, Mistplay makes it enjoyable to earn while you play.

Reviewing Products for Rewards

Earning Amazon gift cards by reviewing products is a legitimate way to leverage your consumer power. By providing detailed and helpful reviews, you can become part of programs that reward your insights. For instance, some platforms incentivize users to write reviews on products they have purchased, offering gift cards as a form of compensation.

To succeed in this endeavor, consider creating content that stands out, such as video reviews for a YouTube channel. This not only increases your visibility but also opens up opportunities for affiliate marketing. By reviewing high-conversion goods and adding affiliate links, you can earn commissions in addition to potential gift card rewards.

Remember, the key to success is to provide genuine, informative reviews that add value to other consumers. This approach can lead to consistent rewards and even turn into a significant source of income over time.

Taking Advantage of Promotional Offers

Promotional offers on Amazon can be a goldmine for those looking to earn Amazon gift cards. These offers often come in the form of special deals or credits that can be applied to future purchases. For instance, Amazon promo credits are essentially rewards that you can receive as codes, gift cards, or direct credit, typically through a special timely offer.

To maximize your earnings, it’s crucial to stay updated on the latest Amazon gift card deals, offers, and coupons. Many promotions provide users with bonus credits, discounts, and more, which can significantly boost your gift card balance. For example, eligible customers might get a $10 credit when purchasing a $50 Amazon Gift Card for the first time.

Remember, some promotions may have eligibility requirements or restrictions, such as being available only to new customers or during specific events like Prime Day. Always read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you qualify.

Additionally, there are legitimate and easy ways to earn free Amazon gift cards, ranging from $50 to $100, without the need for surveys. Keep an eye out for these opportunities, as they can add up to substantial savings over time.

Shopping Smart with Cashback and Rewards Apps

Shopping Smart with Cashback and Rewards Apps

Earning Gift Cards with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a versatile platform that allows users to earn points, known as SB, which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or cash through PayPal. By engaging in a variety of online activities, users can accumulate SB quickly and efficiently.

  • Signing up grants a bonus, kickstarting your earnings.
  • Completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping online are common ways to earn.
  • Points can be redeemed for gift cards from Amazon and other retailers.

Swagbucks has paid out over $571 million in rewards. It’s a testament to its popularity and effectiveness in providing users with a way to earn extra rewards.

Remember, consistency is key. Regular participation in the activities offered by Swagbucks can lead to significant earnings over time. Whether you’re looking to save up for a special purchase on Amazon or simply want to reduce your monthly expenses, Swagbucks offers a flexible solution.

Saving Money with Rakuten

Rakuten is a powerhouse in the realm of cashback shopping, offering up to 40% cashback at over 3,500 stores. To start saving, simply sign up for a free account and shop through the Rakuten website or app. A $30 welcome bonus sweetens the deal for new members, incentivizing the first purchase.

By managing expenses and utilizing Rakuten for online purchases, shoppers can effectively turn a portion of their spending into savings. This approach aligns with the broader strategy of using cashback apps to save money.

Installing the Rakuten browser extension can streamline the process, alerting you to activate cashback offers with a single click. Cashback accumulates and is paid out quarterly, either by check or PayPal deposit. For those looking to maximize their earnings, purchasing Amazon gift cards through Rakuten can also yield cashback, further stretching the value of every dollar spent.

Remember, holding the right credit cards in conjunction with Rakuten can amplify savings, especially during promotions like Triple Cash Back events or when pairing with American Express offers.

Getting Cash Back with Ibotta

Ibotta is a versatile app that rewards you for both in-store and online purchases. Before heading to the store, activate offers on the app to ensure you’re ready to earn cash back on select items. After shopping, simply upload a photo of your receipt to claim your rewards, which are credited within 24 hours.

For those who prefer a more automated approach, linking your store loyalty card to Ibotta can bypass the need for receipt scanning, allowing for a smoother reward collection process. Online shoppers aren’t left out either; by shopping through the Ibotta app or website, you can accumulate cash back on your digital purchases.

Once your earnings reach the $20 threshold, you have the option to cash out via PayPal, Venmo, or convert your balance into gift cards for Amazon and other retailers. As an added incentive, new users can secure a $10 welcome bonus by activating and redeeming their first offer.

Ibotta also runs monthly promotions, offering additional bonuses for purchasing specific products. For those considering an Amazon Prime Membership, doing so through Ibotta can net you a $20 Amazon gift card, adding even more value to your membership.

Taking Advantage of Amazon-Specific Opportunities

Taking Advantage of Amazon-Specific Opportunities

Using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card offers a compelling rewards structure for frequent Amazon shoppers. Upon approval, cardholders receive a $100 Amazon gift card instantly, which can be a significant boost for your shopping spree.

  • Earn 5% back on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases.
  • Receive 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores.
  • Get 1% back on all other purchases.

There’s no need to meet a minimum spending requirement to earn the welcome bonus, making it an accessible option for many. Additionally, the card comes with Visa Signature benefits, enhancing its value beyond just Amazon-related rewards.

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa can be a strategic choice for those who prioritize quality, reputation, and customer service in their online shopping experience.

Setting Earnings to Autopilot

Incorporating Amazon gift card earnings into your daily activities can be a seamless way to accumulate rewards without extra effort. By automating your earning process, you can collect points that convert into gift cards while engaging in routine tasks such as shopping online or browsing the web.

To ensure a steady stream of gift cards, consider using cashback and rewards apps that work in the background. These apps can be linked to your existing shopping habits, turning every purchase into an opportunity for earning.

Here are a few steps to get started:

  • Sign up for cashback apps like Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta.
  • Link these apps to your online shopping accounts.
  • Automatically earn points or cashback with each purchase.
  • Redeem your accumulated earnings for Amazon gift cards.

Remember, while setting your earnings on autopilot is convenient, always be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true, such as those from sites claiming to generate free Amazon gift card codes.

Finding and Utilizing Special Amazon Promotions

Amazon frequently rolls out special promotions that can lead to earning gift cards or promotional credits. Keep an eye out for ‘spend and get’ deals, such as spending a certain amount in specific categories like groceries or health products and receiving a gift card in return. It’s a simple habit that can pay off every time you shop on the site.

To maximize your savings, always purchase necessities when Amazon offers these promotions. For instance, a past promotion included a $5 Amazon credit when spending over $20 on select items.

Amazon’s special promotions are often exclusive to Prime members, with some credits being usable only during events like Prime Day. If you’re a Prime member, look for special coupons and deals that can further enhance your shopping experience. Remember, these opportunities are time-sensitive, so acting quickly is crucial to benefit from them.

Lastly, don’t forget to explore other avenues such as the Amazon Business American Express Card, which offers a welcome bonus, or the Amazon Store Card, which provides special financing options. While these may require specific eligibility, they are worth considering for regular Amazon shoppers.

Is Amazon the right side hustle for you?

Whether you opt for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card to accumulate points on purchases, engage in online activities through platforms like Swagbucks, or participate in special promotions, there are numerous ways to earn these coveted cards.

By taking advantage of the various methods discussed, from completing surveys to shopping with cashback apps, you can set your earnings on autopilot and enjoy the benefits of free Amazon gift cards. Keep an eye out for the best deals, stay active on reward-generating sites, and you’ll find that accumulating Amazon gift cards can be both fun and financially beneficial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to start earning Amazon gift cards?

The easiest way to start earning Amazon gift cards is by signing up for an Amazon Rewards Visa Card. This card allows you to earn points for every purchase made at Amazon.com, which can then be redeemed for gift cards. Additionally, participating in programs like Swagbucks can also yield points that can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards by completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping online.

Are there any legitimate survey sites to earn Amazon gift cards?

Yes, Survey Junkie is a legitimate survey site where you can earn daily survey invites, increasing your chances to accumulate points for Amazon gift cards more quickly compared to sites with fewer survey opportunities.

What are some of the tasks I can do to earn Amazon gift cards?

Tasks that can earn you Amazon gift cards include taking paid surveys, watching videos, testing products, or completing simple tasks like proofreading a transcript or formatting data through platforms such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

How can I get free Amazon gift cards by playing games?

Apps like Mistplay allow you to earn points by playing games, which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. By engaging in the games offered on the platform, you can accumulate points and exchange them for rewards.

What are some easy methods to redeem free Amazon gift cards?

Easy methods to redeem free Amazon gift cards include signing up for the Amazon Rewards Visa card to earn points on purchases, participating in Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program to complete tasks for points, or using cashback and rewards apps like Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta to earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards.

Can I set my earnings for Amazon gift cards to autopilot?

Yes, you can set your earnings for Amazon gift cards to autopilot by using cashback and rewards apps such as Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta. These platforms allow you to earn rewards automatically for activities you already do, like shopping, making the process effortless.

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