Top 5 Best Side Hustles For Teachers In Singapore

Top 5 Best Side Hustles For Teachers In Singapore

Teachers in Singapore are increasingly recognizing the need to supplement their income through side hustles. According to, median salaries range from a meager S$26,400 to S$ 48,800 per annum for primary and secondary school teachers in Singapore, respectively, and therefore many educators find it challenging to keep up with the rising costs of housing, transportation, and daily essentials. The expenses related to children’s education and healthcare also put more financial pressure on teachers’ salaries. Fortunately, teachers possess many skill sets that translate well into viable freelancing opportunities and part-time jobs.

This article covers the top 5 best side hustles for teachers, leveraging their existing expertise and qualifications to best utilize a teacher’s unique skill sets in areas like content creation, communication, writing, editing, and expertise in specific subjects. By tapping into their passions and abilities acquired from years of experience in the education field, teachers can monetize their time effectively and gain more financial freedom.

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5 Best Side Hustles For Teachers

1. Tutoring

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Many teachers already boost their income through tutoring, putting to use their knowledge of the subjects they teach daily in their regular job. Whether it’s helping students understand classwork, preparing for exams, or increasing grades, tutoring remains a straightforward and effective side hustle for educators.

Teachers can tutor any subject at any level, from primary school Mathematics and English to secondary school Chemistry, Physics, and Economics. They already understand the syllabus, course material, and how to communicate ideas to students of different ages effectively.

The flexible schedule of tutoring also appeals to teachers looking for part-time jobs. Based on student demand, they can offer lessons after school, on weekends or during holidays. Hourly tutoring rates in Singapore typically range from S$25 to S$90, depending on the subject, student level, and teacher’s experience. For 8 to 10 hours of tutoring per week, a secondary school teacher could generate anywhere from S$800 to S$3,600 in supplemental monthly income.

While there is competition from tuition centers and other private tutors, teachers have the advantage of existing relationships with students and parents at their own schools. They also have access to test papers and course materials that give them an edge over less experienced tutors. With effective marketing through word of mouth, referrals, and social media, teachers can build a steady stream of tutoring clients, complementing their regular salaries.

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2. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing
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Teachers possess many of the crucial skills needed to excel as freelance writers. Beyond content expertise in their respective subjects, teachers are typically strong writers with good communication skills and the ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms.

Teachers can utilize these attributes to pursue different types of freelance writing projects. This includes writing articles and blog posts, creating website content such as landing pages, drafting eBooks and manuals, or even ghostwriting novels. Clients range from individuals to businesses and organizations looking for quality written work.

Freelance writing provides the flexibility teachers need as a side hustle, allowing them to work wherever and whenever they want. They can dedicate an hour or two each night after work to research and writing for clients.

Payment structures vary, from piece rate based on the word count to project-based fees. Content writers in Singapore typically charge between $2,500 to $5,200 per month, with experienced writers at the higher end. Notably, higher-quality content tends to command higher rates.

Teachers can establish themselves as trusted freelance writers using good research, writing, and editing skills, generating a steady stream of projects and income. They may start slowly with 1 to 2 writing projects per week before building up a larger portfolio and client base. With the continuing demand for online content, freelance writing presents a feasible side hustle for teachers looking to monetize their communication and storytelling abilities.

3. Academic Editing And Proofreading

Academic Editing And Proofreading
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Teachers can offer professional editing and proofreading services as a side hustle, leveraging their expertise in language and writing mechanics. This includes checking documents for clarity, consistency, grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Teachers are well-versed in writing conventions and styles by marking countless student assignments. They have honed their editing “eye” and developed a knack for spotting even subtle issues in writing, which positions them well to provide high-quality editing services for students, researchers, authors, and businesses needing polished documents.

Teachers can charge either per word or per project for editing and proofreading, and rates depend on the complexity of the document, the turnaround time needed, and the level of editing. Hourly rates typically start from $20 and go up to $100 on average for more intensive work. As a reference, a 10,000-word dissertation could fetch between S$200 to S$500 when edited by an experienced teacher.

For teachers seeking a flexible side hustle that does not require long hours, academic editing fits the bill. They can carve out 1 to 2 hours in the evenings 2-3 times a week to go through documents for clients. As they build a portfolio of happy clients, more work is likely to come through referrals and word of mouth.

The growing number of students pursuing higher education locally and abroad presents an ample supply of documents needing revision, including college applications, thesis papers, research proposals, and reports. As such, teachers who enjoy finding ways to improve students’ writing stand to benefit from offering academic editing as a side business.

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4. Teaching Supplementary Lessons

Teaching Supplementary Lessons
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Beyond tutoring the school curriculum, many teachers run supplementary classes teaching topics beyond the syllabus. This capitalizes on a teacher’s expertise, passion, and ability to impart knowledge to students. Additional lessons are particularly popular among students keen to learn skills that complement their formal education.

Teachers can offer classes in diverse subject areas like music, drama, art, coding, foreign languages, and even test preparation. With the right experience and qualifications, teachers can choose a specialized field and teach enrichment lessons on a part-time basis.

Success in this side hustle depends on effectively marketing extra classes to the target student demographic. Utilizing referral networks, word-of-mouth promotions, and social media platforms, teachers can create awareness and drum up interest in niche courses. They can also partner with tuition centers and schools to tap into a ready pool of students.

Hourly rates for supplementary lessons can greatly vary depending on the topic, the teacher’s qualifications, and market demand. By teaching around 5 to 10 lessons per week, teachers stand to earn significantly.

Today general interests among students extend beyond the standard school curriculum, and many teachers are well-equipped to impart those skills and knowledge to motivated students. Subjects like foreign languages and coding mainly thrive due to their practical applications and future job prospects. Teachers can carve a profitable niche as an additional income source by sharing their passion through customized enrichment classes.

5. Social Media Management

Social Media Management
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Teachers can further utilize their skills in content creation and communication to offer social media management (SMM) services as part-time jobs. They can help businesses, influencers, non-profits, and professionals build an online presence and grow their audiences through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

The duties of a social media manager typically involve creating and scheduling posts, engaging with followers, and analyzing key metrics to optimize performance. Teachers with experience using social media for educational purposes are well-positioned to apply those strategies to other industries.

Fee structures for SMM services vary according to the number of platforms managed and the frequency of posts. In Singapore, rates start from around $12 per hour for basic tasks to even $12,000 per month for more advanced work.

The long-term nature of the SMM job makes it attractive to teachers as a steady source of supplemental income. By starting with just one client and dedicating a few hours per week, teachers can gradually expand their portfolio to manage the accounts of multiple organizations.

Social media plays an integral part in marketing strategies today, and hence the demand for proficient SMM professionals continues to rise. Teachers can capitalize on this opportunity with their natural communication skills and experience in creating engaging content for students to build a valuable side hustle that complements their teaching salaries.

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Final Words

Overall, the side hustles that utilize a teacher’s natural talents in content creation, communication, and mentorship tend to be the most viable and profitable. Whether it’s imparting knowledge through tutoring or passing on practical skills in supplementary classes, teaching remains at the heart of the most feasible side jobs for educators, keeping their skills sharp and renewing their sense of purpose beyond their regular job scope.

They may start small on a trial basis before fully committing their time. With dedication and perseverance, teachers can establish a profitable part-time business that brings in the additional income needed to maintain or improve their current lifestyle.

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