The No.1 New KDP Research Method No One Is Talking About

New KDP Research Method No One Is Talking About

I’ve been testing out a new KDP Research Method to find profitable niches faster and I came across a tool that no one is talking about.

Google Trends is an awesome research tool that gives users access to Google’s database of search data. It’s essentially a window into the minds of millions of internet users, showing us what people are searching for at any given time. This information can be invaluable for identifying potentially profitable niches.

Why Google Trend is important

Most people searching for a product or service will start their search on Google and many Amazon products and services rank highly on Google. For example, if you type into Google, ‘large print owl coloring book’ you will see my book showing up first.

My Coloring Book On Google Search | Screenshot Taken By Author

It’s also the first webpage link you see once you scroll past the images.

My Coloring Book On Google Search | Screenshot Taken By Author

As my book has been selling well on Amazon, Google is also directing more traffic to my book on Amazon which leads to more sales.

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How to leverage google trend

To leverage Google Trends, you have the option to type in a specific search term and take a look at what is trending now to get more ideas about what is popular.

To search for a specific search term all you have to do is navigate to the Google Trends website and enter your chosen topic or keyword into the search bar. In this case, I typed in ‘jokes’. Google Trends then returns a wealth of data based on that keyword.

A Search For Jokes On Google Trends | Screenshot By Author

You are provided with several filters that enable you to adjust the data to your needs. The first filter allows you to view how the keyword is performing in a specific country. You can choose a specific time length to view the results with the second filter and with the third, you can choose a specific category such as books. The final category enables you to select the type of search you want such as image, news, video, etc.

One key metric is the ‘Interest over time’ graph, which displays the popularity of your search term over a specified period. If the result is close to 100 that represents peak popularity however if the result is 0 then there are no searches. You can see above that the interest in ‘jokes’ has been consistently high over the past few years, this could indicate a steady demand and a potentially profitable niche.

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Interest by Sub-Region For Jokes On Google Trends | Screenshot By Author

Moreover, Google Trends provides information on ‘Interest by region’, showing where your term is most popular. This geographical data could be useful for tailoring your books to specific regions.

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Related Topics and Queries For Jokes On Google Trends | Screenshot By Author

However, one of the most powerful features of Google Trends is its ability to suggest related queries. In my case, upon typing ‘jokes’, Google Trends offered several options in the related query section. This not only gives you insight into what people are specifically searching for around your main keyword but also gives you new, potentially profitable sub-niches to explore.

For instance, the query ‘best dad jokes ever’ suggested a new direction: a book specifically filled with dad jokes, this would be very relevant right now with Father’s Day coming up in the US. Furthermore, with the data available, I could see the popularity of this query over time and in different regions, providing additional validation of the potential profitability of this sub-niche.


Google Trends is a fantastic free and easy tool to support your Amazon KDP research process. It provides you with valuable up-to-date information regarding what people are searching for.

If you would like a short simple way to understand Amazon KDP, here is a video below for you to check out.

It’s important to remember that while Google Trends is a powerful tool, it should be used in conjunction with other research methods. Ensure you validate your keyword by typing it into the Amazon search bar and checking the results, the less competition you have for your book the better chance you have of your book selling. I personally look for results of 1000 or less on Amazon as this gives me more chance of appearing on the first few pages and making a sale.

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