Investing with Tiger Broker


I have been investing with Tiger Broker for the past 3 years now for buying stocks and doing my side hustle on options trading. I love the idea of investing simply by clicking a few buttons on my smartphone. My experience with the app has been superb so far and would really like to share it with the rest of you guys!

How Investing Used to Be

I remember back 5 years ago buying stock required you to go to a bank to create an account. Apart from having to spend a huge sum of money just to open an account. You have to have a large sum of money to even begin investing. What’s wrong is the crazy expensive transaction fees and conversion fees involved. Thank go we are now in a digital era!

My Experience with Tiger Broker

I enjoy the interface the investment app has to offer. To those just starting out investing, Tiger Broker offers a crash course on things you need to know on the app. It is easy to understand how to buy/sell stocks and if you have any problems or need clarification, their support staff is really quick and efficient in remedying the situation. With Tiger Broker, I am able to get my stock information from multiple news channels, listen to live earnings calls, do options trading with minimum fees, and provide me data on my personal portfolio. I use Tiger Broker to buy my Tesla shares and other stocks. I only have to pay less than 1usd for each transaction


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