Money Manager helps increase my Saving Rate!


When I first started getting serious with my finance, I needed some way for me to track my expenses hassle-free. Back then, I had a low saving rate of less than 20% and I knew with better planning, I could bring it up to at least 50%. Money Manager is a great tool for beginners first starting out to learn to save their money.

In the beginning, I first used a physical notebook to write down all my expenses, then I realize what a hassle it was compared to having the app. I make at least 8 to 10 transactions daily whether it is for food, transport, entertainment, or other expenses. Having a notebook that I have to take out and write down every single expense is really time-consuming.

With Money Manager, I am able to track my income and expenses easily with the touch of my phone. Tracking my finances has never been more fun. Here are some of my awesome experiences that I would like to share.

Easy to write all your income and expenses


All my income and expenses are well categorized so I know where my money is going. A great feature they have added is having photos of your transaction in the app to collate all your receipt.

Easy Content Access

Every transaction you make can be easily found through the weekly or monthly chart. Instead of having to flip a physical notebook to check my finance, with the help of Money Manager, I am able to find it easily through check the calendar.

The colorful pie chart to track your finances

At the end of the month when I would like to know how well I handled my finances. I would check the graph and see what percentage allocation goes to. From there I learned to cut down on expenses that I feel I am able to without affecting my life much.

Need help with your Finances? Download Money Manager Today!

I have no affiliate with the app, just sharing the great experience I had with the app. By constantly monitoring the in and outflow of my money, I am able to build my $100,000 net worth by 24, track my side hustle growth revenue and inculcate good money management skills. The 3 years of using Money Manager have definitely taught me how to manage my money better. Even though I have since uninstalled the app as I have better control of my finances, I would highly recommend anyone who needs to learn money management skills to download this app if you wish to understand and learn how to manage your finances better.


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