15 Proven Ways to Earn $1000+ Weekly on Amazon

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has opened up a myriad of opportunities for individuals aiming to boost their income.

Amazon is an ideal side hustle because of its FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program. With Amazon FBA, sellers can focus on sourcing and growing their product lines while Amazon handles the storage, packaging, and shipping of these products. The company will also handle customer service and returns.

With the right strategies, it’s possible to earn over $1000 weekly by leveraging Amazon’s diverse ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or transition to a new form of earning, this article explores five proven strategies that can help you achieve a significant weekly earning on Amazon.

Key Takeaways

  • Delivery services like Amazon Flex allow you to earn by delivering packages, offering flexible hours and competitive pay.
  • Online gaming can be monetized through Amazon-owned Twitch or by participating in games that offer cash rewards.
  • Investing in stocks and bonds via Amazon-related financial services can lead to substantial earnings with proper investment strategies.
  • Creative side hustles such as selling handmade goods on Amazon Handmade or publishing books through Kindle Direct Publishing can result in lucrative weekly earnings.

Strategies to Earn $1000+ Weekly on Amazon

While these are great 9 ways to start making money from Amazon, here are another 6 ways to make your side hustle income dream come true:

1. Delivery Services

Strategies to Earn $1000+ Weekly on Amazon
15 Proven Ways to Earn $1000+ Weekly on Amazon 1

Leveraging delivery services is a practical strategy for earning a substantial income on Amazon. With platforms like Amazon Flex, individuals can become delivery partners, offering a flexible way to earn money without the need to sell products. By meeting simple requirements, you can control your schedule and maximize earnings through efficient navigation and excellent customer service.

Amazon Flex drivers, also known as ‘Dashers’, have the potential to earn between $18-$25 per hour. To achieve the higher end of this range, it’s crucial to focus on areas with high demand and ensure customer satisfaction for possible tips.

Here are some tips for maximizing your earnings with Amazon Flex:

  • Schedule your delivery hours during peak times
  • Provide exceptional customer service to increase the chance of receiving tips
  • Use the Amazon Flex app for efficient route planning

Remember, success in delivery services hinges on your ability to manage time effectively and deliver with a smile. No selling is required; just a commitment to providing reliable service.

Becoming a part of Amazon’s delivery ecosystem can be a lucrative opportunity. It’s not just about driving; it’s about being part of a system that values punctuality and customer satisfaction.

2. Create your blog

Like this platform, we blog consistently to get traffic and have our readers check out our business. There are a lot of potential income when it comes to blogging and making money from SEO:

  1. Content Creation: With a blog, you can create valuable content around products sold on Amazon. This content can include product reviews, comparison articles, how-to guides, and more. By providing useful information, you can attract readers who are interested in those products.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Amazon has one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. By joining Amazon Associates, you can earn commissions on qualifying purchases made through affiliate links on your blog. When you write about products and link to them with your affiliate code, you earn a percentage of the sale.
  3. Targeted Audience: A blog allows you to target specific niches or interests. You can tailor your content to attract readers who are already interested in the types of products you’re promoting. This targeted approach can lead to higher conversion rates and more affiliate earnings.
  4. SEO Benefits: Blogging regularly can improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). By optimizing your blog posts for relevant keywords and providing high-quality content, you can increase your chances of ranking well in search engine results. This means more organic traffic to your blog, which can translate to more clicks on your Amazon affiliate links.
  5. Building Authority: Consistently publishing valuable content on your blog can help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche. When readers trust your recommendations and advice, they’re more likely to click on your affiliate links and make purchases.
  6. Diversification: Relying solely on one promotion method, such as social media or email marketing, can be risky. By having a blog as part of your promotional strategy, you diversify your channels and reduce dependency on any single platform.

Overall, starting a blog can provide a powerful platform for promoting Amazon products, driving traffic, and earning affiliate commissions. However, it requires dedication, consistency, and a focus on providing value to your audience.

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3. Online Gaming

The world of online gaming offers more than just entertainment; it’s a realm where skilled gamers can turn their passion into profit. Learn how to get paid to play Call of Duty through streaming, tournaments, coaching, and sponsorships. Monetize your gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube for a lucrative gaming career.

While the gaming industry is vast, here are a few apps that stand out for their earning potential:

  • Bingo Cash
  • Solitaire Cash
  • Cash Giraffe

These apps blend engaging gameplay with the chance to win real cash prizes. However, remember that success may require a combination of skill and luck.

Amazon also provides a platform for selling digital products such as ebooks, software, and online courses. With minimal upfront costs, you can leverage their massive customer base for high earning potential. Additionally, apps like KashKick offer opportunities to test new games and participate in surveys, adding to your income streams.

4. Stock and Bond Investments

Investing in stocks and bonds can be a powerful way to generate a substantial income stream. Amazon stock (AMZN), for instance, can be purchased through a brokerage account, which is a straightforward process. You’ll need to fund your account and then search for the stock within the brokerage’s platform.

When considering stock investments, it’s essential to diversify your portfolio. Index funds, for example, offer a blend of stocks and typically yield a 10.6% annual return. Robo-advisors can simplify the investment process, especially for beginners.

For those looking to invest in bonds, understanding the different types available is crucial. Savings bonds, I Bonds, and brokered CDs are some options that cater to long-term savings goals. A traditional investment portfolio often includes a mix of equities and fixed income, such as stocks, bonds, REITs, and BDCs, to balance risk and return.

Here’s a quick list of steps to get started with stock and bond investments:

  1. Open a brokerage account.
  2. Fund your account.
  3. Research and select your investments.
  4. Diversify your portfolio with a mix of stocks and bonds.
  5. Monitor your investments and adjust as needed.

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5. Creative Side Hustles

Embracing creative side hustles can be a game-changer for those looking to earn over $1000 weekly. With options ranging from selling private label products to leveraging Amazon’s Merch by Demand, the platform offers a plethora of opportunities for creative individuals.

  • Private Label Products: Develop your own brand and sell unique products.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing: Publish your books and reach a global audience.
  • Merch by Amazon: Design and sell custom apparel with no upfront costs.

Remember, success in creative side hustles often hinges on differentiation and quality. Focus on creating standout products that resonate with your target audience.

Moreover, utilizing the company ads can significantly enhance your visibility and sales, turning your creative pursuits into a substantial passive income stream. It’s essential to stay informed and adaptable, as the landscape for online sales and marketing is ever-evolving.

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6. Become a personal shopper

If you enjoy shopping, you can consider becoming a personal shopper. You may be tasked to buy groceries, gifts, or other items depending on your client’s needs. Shopping can be done at either physical shops or online stores like Amazon.

While physical shopping allows you to evaluate the quality of the product, online shopping is often easier and you can even arrange for deliveries to the destination directly.

Profit margins for this service could potentially be high, depending on discounts and whether you are required to make deliveries. The cost of this service tends to be in the time spent shopping.

Start Now?


By exploring the various avenues such as side hustles, leveraging passive income ideas, and stacking different money-making opportunities, you can create a significant stream of income. It requires dedication, creativity, and sometimes an initial investment, but the potential rewards are substantial.

Whether you’re looking to quit your 9-5 job or simply augment your current income, the strategies discussed in this article provide a solid foundation for achieving financial success.

Remember, the journey to earning $1000 a day may not be easy, but with persistence and the willingness to learn and adapt, it is certainly within reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make $1000 a week with Amazon?

Yes, it’s possible to earn $1000 or more weekly on Amazon through various strategies such as delivery services, paid surveys, online gaming, stock and bond investments, and creative side hustles.

What are some delivery services I can use to earn money on Amazon?

Amazon offers delivery opportunities through Amazon Flex, where you can deliver packages and earn competitive rates.

Are paid surveys a reliable way to earn extra income on Amazon?

While paid surveys may not provide a consistent income, they can be a supplemental source of earnings when combined with other strategies.

Is investing in stocks and bonds on Amazon a quick way to make money?

Investing in stocks and bonds may offer long-term growth rather than immediate income, but with smart investments, it can contribute significantly to weekly earnings over time.

What kind of creative side hustles can I do on Amazon to earn money?

Creative side hustles on Amazon may include selling handmade goods on Amazon Handmade, publishing books through Kindle Direct Publishing, or offering services on Amazon Home Services.

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